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Island Market Trigg

Seaside feasting at Island Market Trigg

I don’t get to the beach as much as I’d like, but there’s something ridiculously cathartic about being there for me. The salty smell, the lap of the waves, the glistening sun on the water… it’s all good stuff.…

Como The Treasury

Afternoon tea at COMO the Treasury

There’s a certain poetry about high tea. The sophistication of it; the indulgence and excitement as tiers of plates sit before you to be consumed in an order of your choosing. On October 16th I was treated to a…

La Vida Urbana

In the Casa de La Vida Urbana

I love El Publico. If I name my top five restaurants people must try when in Perth, it’s always one I include. With Chef Tommy on the pots and pans in the kitchen, and the bar slinging out some fun…

Office on Angove

The return of sunshine at Office on Angove

Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy at work. It’s no secret that I love what I do, and that I’ve always been quite ambitious in the professional sense. So often I find myself working late, I’m always…


Canteen: a new continental Cottesloe offering

There’s something so wonderful about a thin-crust, premium quality ingredient laden, rich flavoured pizza that gets me a bit giddy in the knees. From the smoky taste imparted by flame cooking, to the combination of textures – I think…


Bali travel diary: Seminyak

Bali is easily one of the most accessible and affordable holidays for Perthians. It’s only a few hours away by plane, luring us in with the promise of a relatively cheap and cheerful trip that boasts tropical weather, a…


Bivcha: Bivouac’s take on yum cha

White guys doing Asian food. It was a big trend in recent years – and one I think effectively showcases the impact of fusion flavours (when done right). While we’ve said goodbye to one of my all time faves…


Springtime supper at Propeller

I’ve been super busy lately. Work, work, work, Jeremy’s graduation and spending quality time with friends, family and Hugo. It’s so easy for life to get away from you, and I’m definitely guilty of this lately – so I…


Japan travel diary: Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka

In December 2016, Jeremy and I took on Japan. His return trip, my first, and a holiday that I’ll always hold dear to my heart. If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s my Tokyo travel diary which captures…