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After a busy Christmas and New Year period ringing in 2016, the following weeks of this year have also proven to be rather hectic for me and everyone I know. Between blogging events, work and spending time with friends and family, it feels like I’m out nearly every night of the week! As a result I’m finding myself becoming a little more selective in the industry events I attend, trying my best to spend nights at home with Jeremy and our puppy Hugo at least a couple of times a week.

However every now and then I still like to get out – and so recently when 150 East invited us down to dine at a night of our choosing, I booked in a free evening and we headed on down. 

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Situated looking out on the river, it’s the smell of nature that greets you when you sit out on the deck. There’s lush greenery surrounding, and lodgers at the apartments next door running down to the pool in front. For a moment I almost feel like I’ve left Perth and am at a little pub/bar down south it has that kind of feel. 

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The menu is nice and simple, with some strong sounding dishes that separate this from other nearby venues. There’s a few options we’re both musing over but are quick to make our decisions when it comes time to order.

Jeremy chooses one of the day’s specials as his starter, the bruschetta with crisp pancetta and balsamic glaze. The toasted bread was crusty on the edges and soft inside, with deliciously sweet cherry tomatoes and curls of fresh basil. I usually like more toppings on my bruschetta so I felt this was a loose reference, but my boy enjoyed this especially thanks to the salty sweet contrast from the pancetta and balsamic. 

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As soon as I spied the duck and chicken liver parfait with fig relish and sourdough ($12.50) I knew I had decided on my entree. There’s just something about that decadent dish, spreading the creamy concoction over bread… it gets me every time. 

150 East’s version was flavoursome, with a lovely richness that resonated with each bite. I did find it a bit strange that the butter on top had melted from the parfait being warmed up, but besides that it was a really enjoyable plate. The fig relish was dark and treacly, taken quite far but not bitter. All in all, an enjoyable simple dish that suites our surroundings. 

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For his main Jeremy chose the Chef’s signature dish – grilled chicken supreme with sweet potato puree, smoked sweet corn and a jalapeño, coriander and tomato salsa ($29.50). I thought it was quite a small serving, but my eye still went straight to the crispy skin and that silky smooth puree underneath – it looked and smelled really great. 

The chicken was moist and tasty, working well with the other ingredients on the plate. I liked that the puree worked as a sauce, coating each bite with that sweet, velvety goodness. The salsa was more corn and coriander, but the few pieces of cherry tomato were welcome and juicy. 

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For my main I was in the mood for pasta so I picked the prawn linguine, spinach, tomato, chilli & garlic ($29.50). 

The pasta was al dente and coated in a light oil dressing, the pops of garlic and cherry tomatoes bringing life into each bite. They’d all gathered towards the bottom, but once I mixed it all in together again it worked well though my first couple of bites were a bit blander. The prawns were fresh and are locally sourced, cooked perfectly so they still had that little snap in each bite – and best of all there was lots of them! I did feel that it needed a bit more seasoning and that touch of salt would have really dialled up the flavours. 

This was such a huge serving, so in the end the dish defeated me (of course Jeremy was happy to step in and assist) – so much so I didn’t even have room for dessert after! Yes, I almost felt like I was rolling home after!


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