A classic market hotspot – Michele’s Crepe Suzette

Positioned in the food strip side of Fremantle Markets, Michele’s Crepe Suzette is an institution in my eyes. It’s a place my mother told me about back in my early high school days; a place I have eaten at more times than I can even try to count.

The staff are friendly – even despite the fact that they’re all crammed into a very tiny eating space. The menu is huge – a massive selection of savoury and sweet crepes to choose from. The line is always present; people filling the handful of dine in spots munching away happily as steam pours from their freshly made meals. And the smell, well that’s just a slice of heaven!

Since it’s a public holiday today and also 32 degrees, Jeremy and I opt to avoid the Parklife crowd and head down to Freo today since the markets are open. It’s actually incredibly busy (though not at the crazy Sunday crowd level), and there’s all kinds of scents in the air. We’re hungry!

We manage to grab a couple of the last seats at Michele’s after ordering; our mouths watering as we watch the staff in action. There’s more order dockets than I can even comprehend, but the staff take it in their stride, tackling each order efficiently and precisely.

Jeremy’s ordered a fish crepe ($12), which is a cooked fillet with cheese, tomato, lettuce, avocado, olives and cucumber. It’s fresh, fun and delicious. You can tell immediately that the fish hasn’t been frozen and is actually of a decent quality. It flakes away with the slightest prod of the fork; melting in your mouth like a great fish does. It’s cooked perfectly. The crepe itself is really yummy, slightly crispy on the outside from being left on the hot grill, but soft and yielding on the inside.

Since it’s his first time coming to Michele’s I’m glad that he’s loving it as much as I do each time I come here.

My chicken, cheese, spring onion, mushroom and mayonnaise ($12) crepe arrives as a perfectly golden rectangle. It’s crunchy and soft at the same time; the inside spilling out the moment my knife cuts through the crepe’s flesh. The mushrooms are jam packed with flavour and the chicken is tender and well seasoned. I’m a big fan of how much mayonnaise they include inside – the hot blobs coating each bite which I savour in appreciation. The spring onions add a nice offset to the saltiness of the other food items inside and overall it just works so well.

I eat fast and am basically groaning with each bite. How is this place so good! They may be a small operation and only sell crepes, but they do them well. The cooking method seems so basic – they pour a ladle of batter onto the hot round flat grill, and smooth it out with a special flattening tool. It’s fast in movement, but makes the crepe just the right consistency. Not too thin, not too thick. Each one is cooked to the same colour profile, and you can see that they train their staff to create the product in a certain way. And this shows in each bite.

I definitely recommend Michele’s if you’re in the area. Or even if you’re not but love a good crepe, it’s a lovely place for a cheap lunch and you can sit inside to watch them work their magic. I just wish that on this occasion we’d stayed longer for a nutella and strawberry sweet crepe to finish our meal off. But then again, I could eat every item on their menu and still want more. They’re just that good!

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