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Voyage Kitchen is gorgeous. I have to say this upfront because it actually took me by surprise how beautiful and vast it is on the inside since it isn’t much to look at from the outside. 
It’s taken Jeremy and I three times to finally get in; waking up early on Grand Final day to take advantage of what we suspect will be a slightly slower day for eateries around Perth. We were right, getting seated within 5 minutes of waiting, passing by the plastic chairs and tied up dogs out the front. 

Inside is just staggering. For one thing, it’s huge. And it’s light, airy and friendly. Matching light wood with pale cushions, vases of native flowers and open windows which welcome in the sea breeze. I have to admit, I’m impressed the moment we sit down. 
The menu here is printed on tactilely interesting recycled brown paper; the ingredients boasting to be free range and cruelty free. Their menu goes so far to advise that they only use farmers who they have visited themselves and advocate against the cruelty of intensive factory farming. It’s a nice sentiment which doesn’t seem to pass too much on to the price tag as a result.
This place is packed; full of locals in walking gear who stop in for a morning breakfast at their nearby restaurant (lucky them). There’s a mix of age groups, races and the overall personas. Some dine in large groups at reserved tables, others by themselves at the breakfast bar. Since it’s busy, Jeremy and I manage to squeeze in to the communal table which suits us just fine. We’re here for the food, not for an intimate dining experience. Plus it allows me to stare down at other people’s orders in jealousy – hello white chocolate cheesecake pancakes with strawberries… perhaps I should have ordered them because they looked so great! 
Jeremy chooses Normas Salsa ($18.50) for his dish, which I was eying myself. It’s ciabatta toast with two giant poached eggs, wilted spinach, marinated feta, truss tomatoes and avocado. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds and looks!
The eggs are poached perfectly; runny in the centre and wobbly when poked. The toast has actually been buttered which is a great surprise and one that is very appreciated! And surprise, surprise, the best part of the meal is the marinated feta. It’s soft and creamy and just absolute heaven! 

He washes it down with a Sorrento Sunrise juice which is orange, carrot, ginger and apple (we think… possibly lemon too?). It’s sweet and frothy; evidently fresh and incredibly vibrant in colour. I’ve gone for a fresh squeezed orange juice for myself, which I devour greedily and in great awe at how it can taste so great.

Though there’s quite a few menu items that sound incredibly delicious; I finally settle on the Mushroom Medley ($19.50). It’s swiss brown mushrooms, asparagus, pine nuts, lemon ricotta and thick cut toast piled high with a nice tomato, spinach leaf and red onion salsa surrounding.

It looks wonderful. I especially like the way they’ve shaved the asparagus to create a fun noodle like appearance on top of the ricotta. The swiss brown mushrooms are cooked exactly like they should be – they’re slightly chewy rather than soft, and extremely flavoursome. And there are so many of them all over the plate. It’s a generous serving and I love each bite. The only one thing I would change is to swap that lemon ricotta for the feta on Jeremy’s plate – but that’s just because I’m a cheese fiend and the ricotta, though nice, just wasn’t at that amazing level of the feta.

We eat in almost silence. Chewing and nodding our appreciation while staring around us at the bustling operation taking place around us. There are so many staff here, but you can see why. There’s so much constantly going on, and the service is friendly and efficient so who am I to complain about something that actually works for them.

Finally we drag ourselves up to pay when we realise that a line is growing of people who want to experience all that we just have. Except at the till I am struck by a beast that arises from within me. It’s one hell of a greedy monster and it has spied the glittering shelves of cakes housed right next to where the cashier sounds.

I can’t help myself. Before I know it, Jeremy and I have two strawberry hazlenut stacks ($7.50 each) to munch on in the car. Holy hell. THESE ARE AMAZING! Yes, I am actually shouting that because they are just sooooooo good. The hazlenut meringues are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. The onsite pastry chef has been smart enough to coat the bottom with a thick layer of set chocolate which keeps the foundation of this dessert in tact when eating. The cream inside is sweet and cool; the strawberries perfectly ripe. I will definitely be back for one of these in the near future. Or asap really because it was exactly everything a dessert should be. Bravo Voyage.

We also purchase a giant Monte Carlo biscuit ($5.50). We don’t attack it until later in the day but it too is delicious. Sweet, thick jam with a light fluffy cream layer. The biscuits have the taste of coconut mixed in with light flour. It’s just so delicious and enjoyable.

Voyage Kitchen was worth the three visits before finally getting in. The food is fresh, exciting and cooked just right. I can see why the past times I’ve come here there’s been a line like going in to a concert out the front!

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  • Reply
    1 October 2012 at 3:51 pm

    This restaurant sounds absolutely amazing – the photos and the descriptions of you food have got me drooling! Will definitely pop along next time I'm in Perth.

    John @KDCUK

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    2 October 2012 at 11:30 am

    I definitely recommend it! Though if you go on the weekend the early the better πŸ™‚ it was worth the wait to finally try it!

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