A fully delicious dessert with half the guilt at Tutti Frutti

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to blog about my beloved frozen yoghurt shop in Leederville, Tutti Frutti.

I adore this place – and frequent it so often that it’s a bit shaming to admit it. It’s set up is simple but effective. They host about eight different flavours on any night out of a total rotating selection of around double that. Basically you take your cup (three different sizes) and choose your flavours with self service. You can mix and match as you like and even mix together two flavours that are side by side in a swirling combination. After you’re done there, a topping bar offers sauces, lollies, fruits and chocolates to decorate as your heart sees fit.

After a pretty much lacklustre dinner at Cinnamon Club, Jeremy and I decided to wander over to Tutti Frutti for a delicious but cheap dessert.

I split my cup into two sections on this occasion because the flavour offerings are too yummy to skip by. On one side I have blueberry underneath and strawberry on top with actual strawberries and a river of passionfruit pulp. On the other side I go for peanut-chocolate underneath and banana on top with chocolate ice magic and freckles. On top of the whole lot is some chopped peanuts to munch on.
Normally I’m a bit more ordered in my choice – going for fruit or chocolate, but today I’ve decided to have a bit of everything since I’m feeling greedy. And my choice definitely pays off.
The yoghurt here is smooth and velvety; full of flavour. My favourites here in particular are the blueberry, red velvet and banana. Each bite completely sings with taste and speaks for itself even without any toppings (though they do make it fun). And the best part is I don’t feel bad since it’s not icecream (even though it probably is full of sugar!). 

Jeremy goes for strawberry and vanilla frozen yoghurt, covered in a mountain of crunchy fruit loops. He’s completely enamoured in the vanilla flavour, loving each bite and marvelling at how the fruit loops don’t even become remotely soggy. I sneak a bite and I have to admit I can see why he likes it so much.

Will I be back to Tutti Frutti? Yes, I always am. I love this place way too much!

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