A Giniversity high tea haven at the Westin

High Tea Westin

Say the words “high tea” to me and you’ve immediately got my attention. There’s something very special about a high tea outing – with the small, well-crafted bites that take you from savoury to sweet and somewhere in between.

Recently my friend Joce was invited to try The Westin’s high tea at their lounge, Haven. At the time we went together, it was a botanical high tea, featuring Giniversity gin in both the food and in the accompanying cocktail. The pricing per person for this version with the cocktail is $59, but you do also have the option of a non-alcohol version for $49 and one with a glass of Moet for $79.

High Tea Westin
High Tea Westin

On the menu for our high tea were four savoury dishes and five sweet.

Starting with the former, we had gin-cured salmon with dill cream cheese and mandarin puree on pumpernickel; rare roast beef with horseradish and pickled cucumber on a milk bun; prawn, iceberg lettuce and lemon myrtle aioli in a finger sandwich; and shadows of blue cheese tart with roast grape, celery and walnut.

On the sweet side of things, there was a juniper berry and cherry verrine; chamomile and hibiscus petit gateaux; violet and blackcurrant tart; pink grapefruit cheesecake; and rose and lychees scones with rose chantilly and berry jam.

High Tea Westin
High Tea Westin
High Tea Westin
High Tea Westin
High Tea Westin

What an absolute treat! I have to say, this was one of the best high teas I’ve been to in Perth. Each bite was really well curated, punching with flavour and delicate where it counted. Normally I find high tea quite imbalanced, with the sweet dishes dominating but here I actually felt it was quite evenly balanced.

And let me give a particular shout out to those scones. I can’t even begin to explain how good those were! The pops of lychee and rose, the shortness of the dough. Ahhh I would buy these by the dozen if I could.

The Westin’s high tea changes every month or so, which means the Giniversity version is no longer available. But I have no doubt that whatever they’re offering now is just as good. I might need to go try for myself just to make sure though!

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    11 November 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Hello ! I absolutely love this post, as I am particularly such a fan of high teas – especially ones that involve fancy cocktails ! I really love how you have put so much effort into all your images, giving each reader a strong insight into the high tea and what it has to offer. How do you think they are able to distinguish their high tea from other high teas in Perth? It is so fascinating how each different state and even country can provide such unique experiences, expanding on the culinary tourism market for sure!

    I also love how The Westin has come up with such a creative name ‘ginversity’, do you think creative names like this are more likely to entice people to try give these new experiences a go? I mean surely if you’re a fan of gin and love decadent high-teas this evidently would be something you would be interested in? These new experiences are so enticing and differentiate from the nom, I guess it makes it way more exciting!!

    Would love to hear your perspective on this! 🙂

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