A Sunday morning at Sayer’s Sister

I love going out for breakfast but when winter comes round I often find myself getting a little bit lazy and giving in to the insistent demands of my body to hide away in bed instead of venturing out. But when my best friend Vee asked to catch up for breakfast on Sunday, I jumped at the chance because I love spending time with her and I was also craving hollandaise something bad.

Initially we had thrown around going to Typika, but we ended up settling on Sayers Sister instead which was really exciting to me as I hadn’t been back for at least a year I think. Ages ago! And I am definitely of the opinion that Sayers/Sayers Sister serve some of the best hollandaise in Perth.

Strawberry and watermelon juice

Arriving around 9.30am there was already a line out the front to my dismay as I arrived. It’s such a popular eating spot but nonetheless I braved the cold and joined the queue. Thankfully since it was just the two of us it was only around a 15 minute wait and then we were inside seated at the high counter table. Talk about bliss being in the warmth of the restaurant surrounded by way too many delicious looking cakes and tarts. It was taking a lot of my willpower (and Vee’s) not to lift the domes over the sweets and create some cheeky bite marks on the sides.

Peppermint tea

We order quickly, both of us ravenous and eager to talk at each other in our bid to catch up the last week since we’d seen one another. As we’re chatting, our drinks arrive at the table. Vee’s ordered a vibrant strawberry and watermelon juice that she declares sweet and delicious. I will be ordering this next time!

While normally I’m a juice fiend, cold weather has me seeking tea instead so I warm my insides up with a pot of loose leaf peppermint tea. Just what the doctor ordered!

Full breakfast

Full breakfast

Full breakfast

Vee’s full breakfast is a giant plate of creamy scrambled eggs, potato cake, 3 beans, grilled tomato, field mushroom, italian sausage and bacon. It looks and smells absolutely amazing. 
It’s a really big serving which is exactly what you’d want in paying $22 for a dish. I love the look of those fluffy scrambled eggs which have a good sprinkling of cracked pepper over the top. She actually does pretty well, nearly finishing all the items bar the bread. I love that my friends love food like I do!

Pea and ricotta pikelets

Pea and ricotta pikelets

My order of pea and ricotta pikelets ($18 from memory) are stacked with layers of wilted spinach and crispy pancetta slices. There’s pea shoots offering some fresh vibrancy and crunch – plus a beautiful poached egg perched precariously on top.

I’m excited to crack in to the dish! And best of all, I’ve ordered a side of hollandaise to sate that craving I’ve been having.

Perfectly poached egg

Look at how oozy and glorious my poached egg is! The yolk runs a rich river down the stack of pikelets, coating the other ingredients and binding them all together. The pikelets are lovely and light, with the pea and ricotta flavours working in harmony. I love the big salt hit from the pancetta which is fatty and just full of umami goodness. It is the perfect accompaniment with the more fresh ingredients on the plate.

Ahh Sayers Sister you, like the original Sayers, always delight. I know coming here that my breakfast will be tasty, not overly convoluted and respectful of the produce used. There’s not much more you can ask for!

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