A very Cheeky Sparrow

Jeremy and I woke up mulling over whether to make our way out to the Mundaring Truffle Festival since it’s such nice weather. We’ve had a late night watching one of my closest friends Elise debut her first solo gig at The Ellington and decide that today would be better off making our way to town for a light spot of shopping since Wasteland is having a 50% off sale.

With a happy disposition from grabbing some bargains at the sale, we decide to go to Cheeky Sparrow to enjoy some tapas dishes to share. However this cute little hole in the wall has different plans for us. So no arancini or fritters here today, we’re instructed they’re doing an all day breakfast until 2pm.

Since we’re cozied up on the couch with fresh squeezed orange juices already, we decide to stick around and try our luck at a new breakfast place.

Jeremy’s gone for a dish that actually surprises me a little since it’s out of his normal routine for weekend grub and very much on par with his normal weekday eating. It’s a chai porridge with rhubarb and pear compote, and leatherwood honey to spoon over the top.

It’s warm and comforting and has the right inflections of spice and natural sweetness. And strangely, it’s actually my first time trying porridge (since in my world, porridge is congee). As a lover of muesli and grains, I’m really enjoying the taste even though the texture is slightly too soft for me. The chai is delicate and not overpowering; offering a nice spin on a simple dish.

I’ve gone for the banana bread with passionfruit butter.
It’s an organic orgasm. The bread is so light and delicious; with actual chunks of banana sitting in the slices. The edges are just the right level of crunch and the passionfruit butter spreads over the top like a glisteningly perfect jam. The waitress here tells me that the chefs make it in house and that pleases me to no end. It’s so delicious, sweet but still with a slight salty tang to bring out the flavour. I’m extremely happy, especially since the two large slabs with the spread cost only $9. 
I’m full and happy, and already trying to figure out where I can get my hand on more of that gorgeous passionfruit butter. What a great start to our weekend. 

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