All the right tools in this Hardware Societe

This is one of the last places from my April Melbourne holiday to blog about… and how fitting since it’s also the last breakfast Jeremy and I had before coming home to Perth.

We set out from our hotel room after securing a late checkout; enjoying the 20 minute walk hand in hand as we peruse shopfronts and the scarce people who are out at this early hour on a Sunday morning.

When we round the corner to Hardware Lane I have a brief flare of panic as I see people milling about outside this breakfast nook. But thankfully by the time we walk down they’re led away to be seated and we are just in time as a couple gets up to pay. Thank god because I was really looking forward to coming here and since it’s our last day, it wasn’t likely that I’d get another chance until my next holiday this way.

The inside of The Hardware Societe is delightful. It’s vibrant and sunny yellow; happiness overflowing from every object and piece of furniture. The staff are all sweet and helpful, and they attend to our every need with large, beaming grins.

The menu is concise and tummy rumble inducing. I spy a brioche with passionfruit that holds my gaze and Jeremy’s thrown between several different options. Eventually we manage to hone in what our stomach’s are craving and actually place an order.

He’s gone for the baked eggs which chorizo and slow roasted tomato ($15). It arrives as probably the best presented breakfast dish I’ve ever laid eyes on. The eggs sit in an adorable individual portion pot; piled up to the brim with slightly spicy chorizo and soft tomato. And eggs which have been cooked in the oven in a manner that keeps them soft yet firm; liquid but not runny at all. It’s almost confusing. There’s three little slices of crusty French baguette with a nice little drizzle of olive oil on top.

My dish is the scrambled eggs with little ribbons of chorizo throughout. They sit in a mini frying pan alongside a crusty baguette with rocket and marinated peppers ($16). The eggs are so creamy and buttery; with little threads of spring onion accompanying and enhancing the taste. The bread is very soft in the centre but crunchy on the outside, it tastes freshly baked. I love the rocket inside too as it gives a nice new texture and peppery taste.

Scrambled eggs

It’s needless to say how happy Jeremy and I are that we got here. The food is presented and tastes exquisite. The flavours simple and yet somehow so generous. I am a big fan after this one meal. A big, big fan.


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