An Upperhand combo of burgers and bubble tea

Upperhand Burgers

Claremont’s newest burger offering, Upperhand, has brought to a very competitive scene a fresh new slant: hints of Taiwanese flavour, bubble tea and a strong vegetarian/vegan offering on the menu. While all are compelling enough to the right audience, it’s the Taiwanese side of things that enticed me the most given my family’s background stemming from there. And my adoration of the cuisine too!

Getting an invite to come try out Upperhand, I took my husband Jeremy for a lazy weekend lunch. We sat out the back in the courtyard, soaking up the sun as we made our way through bite after bite of the food on offer.

Upperhand Burgers

Personally I love the combo of burgers and bubble tea. It’s much lighter (especially as I’m a fruit tea kind of girl), but for those who miss the mixture of food like this with milkshakes, it’s not too far removed.

The burgers have a nod to In-N-Out’s approach where you can make the meats (beef or chicken) cooked beast style with mustard, caramelised onion, sauce and cheese, or loco with chilli, guacamole, caramelised onion and sriracha. On our visit we decided to keep things as per the menu, with Jeremy opting for the vegetarian satay tempeh burger ($14.00) which came with Margaret River tempeh and slaw on a house made satay on a potato roll.

My eyes immediately went to the TFC (Taiwanese Fried Chicken) burger ($15.00) which came with the same potato roll, filled with fried chicken, slaw, cheese and spread. Utterly delicious. There’s really not much to say here: it was juicy, crunchy and oh so satisfying. I liked the potato roll a lot, and the chicken tasted like my childhood – I love that gluten free sweet potato dredge they use to get it so satisfyingly crisp.

Upperhand Burgers
Upperhand Burgers

The sides are all kinds of fun. We decided to share a couple between us of peking duck fries ($16.00) and the TFC poppers (normally $12.00 but since we were invited they let us do a half size as I was VERY worried about not being able to finish all that delicious food!).

I loved the fries! Very morish and addictive thanks to the peking sauce and the addition of spring onions. I really want to go back and try the salt and pepper tofu nuggets next time, which are so right up my alley.

From start to finish, I have to say I really liked this place. Shame it’s not super close by to me, as I could see myself popping in here for a casual bite way too often.

Upperhand Burgers
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