Binging on bings at Bing Go

Ever heard of ‘bings’? And no, I don’t mean my favourite characters on Friends Monica and Chandler (they’re so underrated in my opinion). A bing is a new craze hitting Perth and are hot, made to order thin crepes which are lined with egg and a selection of ingredients. Think of them as a wrap meets crepe type scenario. 

Recently I was contacted by Sean Gentry, one of the co-owners of Bing Go to stop by one of their stores to try a bing for myself. Brushing up online to learn more about the company and the products on offer, I learnt that they had taken a traditional Chinese street food called jianbing and used it to make fresh and healthy wraps.

Bringing my mother and my boy with me, we set about for lunch one afternoon. There’s several locations of Bing Go so we opted for the closest, Karrinyup. They were pretty busy when we arrived, but the team work fast and before long we’d placed our orders and were sitting down to enjoy our bings.

For my meal, I chose the peking bing ($9.90) which is made of duck pieces, cucumber slices, lettuce, carrot, crispy wonton and plum sauce. Forgive the photos, since they’re wrapped up to go we had to bite into them to see the inside. But as you can see, there’s plenty of fresh salad to make this feel healthy and light.

Mine is actually my favourite of all ordered. The crepe is light from using mung bean flour and the duck is flavoursome. It’s actually quite a filling dish.

My boy chooses the char siu bing ($8.90) which has marinated char siu pork, Chinese sausage, mustard vegetable, lettuce, carrot, crispy wonton and char siu sauce. Like mine, it’s quite flavoursome and meaty, the wontons offering delicious and delightful crunches in between bites. Texture is always important in a dish, particularly ones that focus on the freshness of the ingredients and this one does well. 
My mother’s prawn bing ($9.90) is our least favourite of the group. It’s made with garlic prawns, celery, bean sprouts, lettuce, carrots, crispy wonton and Bing Go sauce. While the vegetables and wonton are more or less similar to the other savoury bings we’ve ordered, her bing only had three small prawns in it making it not quite as generous in the protein department. I did notice on the menu there is the option to double your meat so this might be something to consider for those of you who love your seafood (like us). 
We finish off by sharing a sweet bing between us all – the Hong Kong Heaven ($6.90). Two smaller bings are topped with a layer of nutella, fresh strawberry slices and more crispy wontons. It’s definitely a tried and true flavour combination, reminding me of crepes I’ve eaten at French creperies – you can’t really go wrong with chocolate and strawberry can you!
I like these sweet bings, though I did feel like they were a bit denser than their larger, thinner savoury counterparts. The sweetness of the fresh, seasonal strawberries were a welcome burst of freshness to cut through the glutinous feel of the bings and the richness of the hazelnut spread. Oh how I love strawberries!
Thank you to Sean and the team at Bing Go for the invite to your store, and for our lunch which was free of charge. We definitely were full after binging on bings!

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    11 January 2015 at 1:17 pm

    Oh there's a similar store in Carousel called "Binglicious", they specialise in the TW jianbing too.

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    12 January 2015 at 2:48 am

    I stumbled across that store when I was researching more about Bing Go. Looks like they're taking off! 🙂

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