Birthday breakfast at Architects and Heroes

My birthday rolled around a lot quicker than I anticipated this year! But in true Jeremy fashion, my boy had arranged a day of spoiling me to the max. While normally he works for St John’s on the weekend, he had taken time off just for me. What a lucky girl I am! After a morning of presents and cuddles, (a new Macbook eeeee!) he piled me into the car and drove us over to Subiaco for a yummy birthday breakfast at relative newbie, Architects and Heroes. 

Architects and Heroes

Situated on the Rokeby Road strip this cafe is bright and airy, with a fantastic mural on the counter wall by talented Perth artist (and friend of mine) Peche. Seriously, how amazing is it!

Street view


Looking at the menu it’s made of only a few items to order, which I actually prefer – I like having limited options otherwise I end up panicking and not knowing what to get!

We start with a hot drink each. For my boy it’s a flat white and for myself, a skinny hot chocolate. His coffee is proclaimed delicious with a smooth blend and strong flavours. My hot chocolate is slightly bitter which I really like, it takes away what can often be a really cloying sweetness.

Flat white

Hot chocolate
For our food orders, we’re both quite quick to choose since there’s only a few items on offer. My boy chooses the baked eggs with hearty tomato, 4 beans mix, italian olives, feta cheese and spanish chorizo, plus a side of crusty bread ($21). 
Baked eggs

Baked eggs

It looks so good! 
A cheesy, heart warming concoction topped with a 63 degree poached egg that explodes sunny yolk the moment his fork pierces the soft surface. He really enjoys the flavours and combination of textures, using the bread to mop up every last drop. I definitely can see this being a popular menu item, especially in these cold winter months. 

Spiced avocado, cream cheese and salmon

Spiced avocado, cream cheese and salmon

My dish is the spicy avocado with cream cheese and Norwegian smoked salmon on fluffy English muffins ($20). Because I’m greedy I add on a 63 degree poached egg ($2.50).

The dish is quite generous – I was only expecting two muffin halves but instead received three, all topped high with cheese, avocado and salmon. The spiced flavour is mild but enjoyable and I like the flavour combination. Avocado and salmon are both quite oily so I’m glad I add the egg on. And look at that yolk porn…

Spiced avocado, cream cheese and salmon

I enjoyed my first taste of Architects and Heroes, and hopefully I can come back sometime soon to enjoy one of their decadent looking peanut butter cupcakes or even just a simple toasted sandwich. It was a great way to start my birthday day.

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    1 October 2014 at 2:51 pm

    can't believe it look me so long to go here. the coffee is seriously good and i loved the food. great post!

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    2 November 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks! It's a cute little place, I'm going to go back for a revisit soon hopefully 🙂

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