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On some days I feel like Fremantle steals some of Perth’s greatest dining destinations. Nestled in that port city are hoards of venues that beckon diners with open arms. Forget about the instagram hype or what looks pretty, there’s places that are pumping out seriously delicious food. Case and point – Bread in Common.

Airy and beautiful, Bread in Common sits inside a giant warehouse, with strings of lights cascading from the ceiling. It’s visually one of my favourite spaces, though sadly I don’t get down there as often as I’d like. Over the January period I managed to find some time to head in though with two friends to share in the feasting. 

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It feels like a crime to come to Bread in Common and not order their namesake product so we immediately organised for a serve of the wood-fired organic bread ($2.00 per person for a combination of common loaf, sourdough wholemeal and rye) to come to the table. 

The bread was so fresh and fluffy, with the accompanying house churned salted butter ($1.00) and wood-fired pumpkin dip with spicy seeds ($4.00) excellent. The pumpkin was extremely sweet and creamy, but best of all were those seeds which were perfect on the bread – and tasty on their own as a snack. I would buy these by the packet!

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After we’d demolished our bread, the rest of our dishes came out to the table as they were finalised by the kitchen. The ricotta with broad beans, mint and pickled shallot ($13.00) was ethereally light and refreshing, a delicate assault on the senses. Cold and creamy, bites were interspersed with crunches from the pea shoots and the tart shallot slices. 

It was seemingly simple, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t tasty! I think a dish like this really allows the fresh produce to shine and stand on it’s own. 

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The absolute stand out dish for the lunch was the octopus with peas, black beans, cajun spices and coriander ($25.00). This was gorgeously chocked full of flavour, with the smokey grilled octopus quite meaty and the squid ink rice crackers providing the most satisfying crunch. 

I found this to be such an interesting combination of ingredients and flavours – something I haven’t come across before but will happily order again and again. So yummy!

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The grilled prawns with corn, watermelon, radish and chives ($26.00) was a celebration of summer on the plate. More sweet than savoury, the corn and watermelon were sugary and fresh, contrasting against the well seasoned prawns which were cooked spot on. 

The paper thin slices of radish brought a pepperiness to the dish, something that was quite refreshing to offset the saccharine profile. 

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Our final savoury dish for the afternoon was the lamb ribs with mint, lime, black garlic and sherry ($21.00). A playful ode to a Sunday roast, this was a flavourful plate with melt in your mouth meat. I actually found that this was the least favourite dish for the afternoon, but it was still enjoyable and a nice way to finish up.

That is… until I spied the sweet options on the menu and greed took the better of us!

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The flourless chocolate cake with oreo, berries and burnt toast ice-cream ($18.00) is Bread in Common’s signature dessert and is a work of art on a plate. It’s rich and decadent, with layers of chocolate flavours and textures. 

I love the berries throughout which were tart and cut through the bitter chocolate bursts, and complimented the creaminess of the burnt toast ice-cream. It was such a clever dish and really worth the drive alone all the way done to Freo. Nom nom nom. 

What an amazing feast! It’s really no surprise that Bread in Common is one of my favourite places in Fremantle. It shines a light on local Western Australian produce, and the food is thoughtful and well put together. I’m such a huge fan, and need to find the time to come back here more often. 

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    17 February 2016 at 12:56 pm

    We L O V E going to BiC, everything is just perfect every time. The weekend lines are no joke though, I kind of wish it was less well known so I don’t have to line up so long. Next time I go I’m trying the octopus =]

    • Reply
      27 February 2016 at 5:45 pm

      Definitely get the octopus! It’s just so delicious!

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