WA’s Top 5 Summer Seafood Finds

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There’s nothing better than taking a deep dive into Western Australia’s vast and abundant oceans. And while cooling down with a swim might be on everyone’s mind this Summer, it’s the seafood that comes from our own shores that we’re obsessed with right now.

So I’ve put together a list of WA’s top seafood produce – it’s the perfect inspiration for the rest of this balmy season that goes so well with all things from the sea.


Cone Bay Barramundi

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With it’s delicate texture and distinct flavour, Cone Bay barramundi holds appeal both for chefs and diners alike. Hailing from the Kimberley region, this fish is the ideal protein to use for those who fear over-cooking their seafood thanks to their even fat distribution throughout which helps distribute heat evenly while cooking to retain moisture.

Cone Bay barramundi is easily recognised as the best quality farmed barramundi in the country, as well as being the largest sized. It has a clean, buttery taste thanks to the constant movement the fish have working against the Cone Bay tides – this is also another reason why their fat isn’t only in pockets of the body.

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The ideal way to devour this fish is with a crispy skin, accompanied by your favourite sides of choice – be it potatoes, salad greens or punchy citrus notes. There’s a lot to love about this produce, and knowing it’s available all year round doesn’t stop me from picking it as one of Summer’s best treats to eat.

Feeling inspired? Check out this recipe on the Buy West Eat Best website to try your hand at cooking this great WA produce yourself: https://www.buywesteatbest.org.au/recipes/crispy-skin-barramundi-with-a-green-mango-soy-bea.



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Sure, they’re one of West Australia’s iconic luxury ingredients, but did you also know that marron are the largest freshwater crayfish in our State (and the third largest in the world)? Farmed from permanently placed rivers and dams – particularly those with plenty of suitable habitat and food.

The blue colouring (only on some) stands them out amongst a seafood crowd, and you know you’re on to a good thing when they’re gracing the likes of prestigious menus such as Attica, Aria and so on over East. But we’re the blessed ones with our marrons not needing to travel far at all from capture to cooking. And the proof is in the oh so sweet meat’s pudding.

Yes it might be on the more expensive side of things, so it’s not for every day, but there’s something really incredible about marron that deserves fan fare. And the fact that they only hail from our great State in the Southern Forrests area, well that makes them even more special!

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Ever thought about trying your hand at cooking WA’s unique crustacean yourself? Try this delicious Buy West Eat Best recipe which doesn’t just look incredible, it’s sure to taste just as good: https://www.buywesteatbest.org.au/recipes/blue-ridge-marron-manjimup-truffle-with-kanzi-app.


Ocean Trout

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Swishing around in the Pilbara’s wide waters hails the delectable ocean trout. Known for its tender flesh and somewhat nutty, mild flavouring, it is a popular fish to see on menus throughout our State. While sometimes diners can confuse it with salmon on fillet appearance alone, it’s flavour sets it apart as does its texture.

It’s not just enjoyed freshly cooked too, with many people enjoying it smoked for a diversified flavour offering. But like all fish it has real beauty in its simplest form too – pan fried on each side for a few minutes (depending on the fillet thickness) so it’s crispy outside and still opaque in the centre.

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Ocean trout’s abundance at most local fishmongers makes it a readily accessible produce to enjoy at home, as well as out and about town. It’s vivid fillet colouring and somewhat oily flesh make it stand out from the crowd, and the fact that it’s WA harvested is even more reason to select it as your fish of choice. After all, buying WA products means you’re supporting WA local businesses and communities. So that’s a win, win!

Pick up some today and enjoy it for dinner – maybe prepared like this Buy West Eat Best recipe: https://www.buywesteatbest.org.au/recipes/pear-fennel-and-smoked-trout-salad.


Blue Swimmer Crab

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The Peel region is only a stone’s throw away from Perth, and brings to our list some powerful swimmers with little sharp nippers. Growing up to 25cm wide with claw spans up to 80cm, blue swimmer crabs (or blueys) are a staple for any seafood loving West Aussie.

In fact Mandurah loves them so much they have a dedicated annual festival (The Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest) held in their honour which attracts people from the state and the country all over to feast on their succulent flesh. One particular beauty about this produce is it’s diversity – it’s great simply boiled on its own, but also works so well picked to accompany risottos or pasta, pimping up your omelette or tossed through a salad.

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If you’re a fan of catching your own produce too, heading to Peel to partake in crabbing is a guaranteed great day out. Even if your nets come up empty, the deep blue waters of the ocean and beaming sunshine could make anyone feel completely blissed out.


Shark Bay Prawns

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It wouldn’t be a list of WA’s best Summer seafoods if I didn’t include Shark Bay prawns. Coming from the Gascoyne to your mouth, they’re an iconic Aussie ingredients that we’ve all grown up eating and loving. ‘Toss another shrimp on the barbie’ might be a colloquialism we all laugh about, but it has some real truth in it that has our mouths watering (especially when slathered in garlic butter with parsley and chilli).

Stretching for 600km along the Indian Ocean coastline, the Gascoyne is an ingredient mecca and seasonality is key for the produce originating from this area. Within that area, Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site, added to the list by UNESCO in 1991 and the Shark Bay Wild fishery now has Marine Stewardship Council certification as a sustainable fishery.

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The versatility of prawns means we see them in use in all different kinds of manner. A heavily used staple in Japanese cooking, you’ll also find them gracing taco tortillas, bringing the wow factor to seafood platters or taking stage at dim sum.

The shells and heads for some are just as vital as the meat inside. You can see they bring the flavour game home in this broth based dish on the Buy West Eat Best website: https://www.buywesteatbest.org.au/recipes/gascoyne-seafood-broth-with-shark-bay-wild-prawns.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Buy West Eat Best. 

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