By name and nature it’s BOHO

Out in the complex across Scarborough Beach Rd to the Rendezvous Hotel sits BOHO Espresso – a little outdoor cafe that is a popular hotspot for breakfast on the weekends with it’s organic juices, smoothies and fresh produce. Really it’s just the perfect place to attract Scarborough hipsters and yes, it also attracted my best friend Carly and I on Sunday morning.

We arrive for breakfast around 9.30am, and since I’m so used to battling out lines at The Tuck Shop or Sayers, I am surprised to see there’s actually some tables available. It pays to be out in the burbs instead of the city!

We take a seat outside and I’m happy to see that some of the patrons bring their dogs down (this suits Carly and I very well since we are dog obsessed) and the staff bring them out bowls of water to drink from. This is a great touch and you can see it attracts the locals down in droves.

The menu has some pretty stand out items on it that catch my eye. The spanish baked eggs in particular call out to me, but eventually Carly and I both choose the Avocado and homemade Labneh ($19.50) which comes with three slices of chunky ciabatta bread and a pile of rock salt & pepper to flavour the dish. I also order a serving of two poached eggs ($4.00) on the side.

The breakfast dish comes out on a lovely wooden board which seems to be the trend these days in cafes. To break it down in a simple manner, half the board is taken up by slices of toasted ciabatta; the other half by the accompanying ingredients. There’s half an avocado which sits steadily; the seed removed and replaced with the homemade labneh. 
Labneh is a middle eastern soft cheese which is creamy and flavoursome. With a squeeze of lemon over this and the avocado, I dip each bite into the pile of rock salt and pepper, enjoying the burst of taste. It’s such a simple dish that I could construct myself at home, but I really do like what I’m eating. 
The poached eggs sit in a dish on their own; and from the first piece of my fork prong, the shining orange yolk spills out. It’s cooked perfectly! And while I had really felt like eggs, I am completely enamoured with the avocado and cheese. It definitely hit the spot. 

To wash down my meal I order a freshly squeezed juice of apple, passionfruit and watermelon ($7.50). It comes out in a frothy glass of different layers, the bottom lined with passionfruit pulp and pips and the rim garnished with a fresh Granny Smith apple slice.

I love this drink. It’s icy cold and juicy goodness – fresh and bursting with sweet flavour. It’s a great way to start my Sunday since I’m off to the Wildcats game a few hours later.

This was my second trip to BOHO Espresso and I have to say I really do like the food, but I do think the prices are a bit too steep for what they are. While the food and drink they produce is nice and tasty, it seems that this place is conforming to the “Perth standard” for food which means breakfast outtings are getting rarer and rarer.

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