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If there’s a cuisine I enjoy cooking the most at home, it would have to be Italian. Especially post-Christmas since my partner Jeremy’s parents bought me the pasta KitchenAid attachment – and yes, it is amazing. But despite this, I still love going out for dinner at Italian restaurants to indulge in those rich, hearty flavours and marvel at the beautiful, traditional food.

Davvero in Floreat recently contacted me to stop by for dinner one night – and I have to admit I ignorantly hadn’t heard much about them. But a quick online search told me everything I needed to know to get excited… this was Italian and it sounded pretty damn delicious. I said yes immediately and organised a time to head down with my mum in tow who loves a good pasta dish even more so than I do. 

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The venue is bright and open, with a vast outdoor dining area. The staff are friendly and warm, and we really enjoyed chatting to the owners throughout the night who moved to Perth all the way from Tuscany to chase their food dream of owning their own restaurant. 

The night was balmy and warm, so starting the night off with a drink each was definitely in order. I decided to try the Limoncello Spritz ($14.00), made with Limoncello, prosecco and soda which was on the strong side but was packed full of lemon flavour, the bubbles dancing lightly on my tongue. 

My mum chose the Negroni ($15.00) which is comprised of Campari, Cinzano Rosso and Bulldog Gin. Negronis are definitely in-vogue at the moment, and are not usually a drink I would choose due to the orange flavour from the Campari, but my mum thought it was a pleasant drink. She did tell me it was really alcoholic though so just the one drink was all she had for the evening. 

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The menu has since changed post our visit to Davvero so I may have some of the details slightly incorrect for the dishes, but I’ll do my best to muddle through! 

For starters, my mum selected the salmon stuffed squid, with vibrant tomato and basil sauce. The squid was tender and had that lovely bite you want from the seafood, with a nice fresh flavour. The salmon stuffing inside though was slightly pasty and a little detracting from the squid – I think I would prefer chorizo or rice, or something to that effect. 

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Predictably I chose the steak tartare, which was a deconstructed version of a classic dish. The beef was a quality cut of meat, with a light application of seasoning. I liked that there were three spoons to the side for me to mix in and flavour to my own personal preference. 

I would have liked a touch more salt for this dish, though I know the capers on the side were meant to inject that element – I think I just have a heavy hand when it comes to this. 

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For her main, my dining companion chose the slow braised beef with housemade pappardelle. Just look at that pasta! The meat was for the most part, melt in your mouth (just a couple off pieces which were a bit gristly or overcooked), and the pasta was thick – however perfectly al dente.

There was a lot of flavour in this dish, and each bite was a pleasant one especially when mum made her way to the bottom of the bowl where some of the juices had collected like a sexy sauce crying out to have the pasta dunked through it. 

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I chose the house special pasta which is a local delicacy from the chef’s region in Italy. Again the pasta was al dente, with the filling inside a sweet meat and pear concoction that worked really well together. 

I love buttery sauces and this one with the injection of fresh herbs and fatty speck was all kinds of good. It was a small dish, but every bite was enjoyable!

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Though we were feeling quite full by this stage, we decided to round out our dining experience with a sweet course. At this stage the team were really generous and sent out a couple glasses of imported Italian red wine and sticky wine to enjoy – and their wine list is really and truly impressive. They know their stuff, and everything I sipped away at was tasty!

My mum made her way up to the dessert cabinet to ogle their cakes and tarts on display, and came back with a firm decision – she’d be ordering the strawberry tart. Full of oozy jam packed between the thick pastry crust it was a sweet and slightly decadent dessert – something I can imagine would be the ideal accompaniment with a coffee (for those who unlike myself are so inclined). For me I found it to be too sweet, but that tends to be the case quite often with Italian desserts I find. 

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Spying chocolate fondant on the menu I knew immediately what my dessert choice would be. It was a warm night, but I was really in the mood for some oozy chocolate to indulge in. Mmmm!

It was just the right size serving after eating so much already – and though the outsides and a little of the inside were firm, there was a slight gooeyness on the inside. The flavour was rich and just lightly bitter, working well with the slick of cream and the fresh fruit on side. A nice crowd-pleasing dessert to end our experience at Davvero. 

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What a cute little neighbourhood gem! We both agreed that it was a nice addition to Floreat Forum, and has brought a real authentic taste of Italy to the inner suburbs of Perth.  I really enjoyed hearing the stories behind the set up of the restaurant, and the passion the team have for the food, wine and the overall experience. 

I’d love to get back there to try out the breakfast menu, as I spied some dishes that I haven’t really stumbled across outside of dining at Italian friends houses. Bellissimo! 

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    6 February 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Oh yum! I actually am around this area quite often and have walked past but am yet to try. Sounds like it might be worth a visit soon!!!

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      27 February 2016 at 5:48 pm

      I hope you enjoy it! It’s always great to find a neighbourhood gem.

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    17 February 2016 at 1:01 pm

    Good, comprehensive review. Thanks.

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      27 February 2016 at 5:43 pm

      Thanks Meg!

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