Escape into the dark depths of Andaluz

More people than I would like to think about have raved to me about Andaluz Bar & Tapas in Perth. It’s been an almost punishment the fact that Jeremy and I have tried to eat there and failed, but we continue to hear just how great this place is.

Last time we tried to get a table for dinner at Andaluz we were met with probably the most appalling attitude from a waiter that I’ve ever come across. He was rude, sarcastic and nearly ruined our evening – it even put us off from trying to come back here for months.

However on this occasion it was a completely different situation. Since it’s a wet Saturday night and relatively early we manage to get a table inside; and our waitress was perky, sweet and helpful. She kept an eye on us all night and was attentive and friendly. It made such a difference and restored our faith that this place might have a soul after all.

The Andaluz Chicken and Duck Liver Parfait ($13) here is one of the best I’ve had. It’s completely suited to how I like my pate – creamy, buttery and utterly decadent. It has the thinnest layer of fat surrounding it; the texture like silk when biting through it. I love the griddle lines on the toasted bread that accompanies it and the slick of balsamic that resides underneath. It for me, is a perfect dish. I could have eaten another I loved it so much.

We browse the extensive alcohol list to accompany our meals. I choose a glass of the Simmonet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne Rose NB (Chablis, France) which is $13 a glass. It’s not overly sweet which I enjoy; and it goes down a treat without being overly dry. While I usually don’t like Rose, this was really light and lovely.

Jeremy chooses a Napoleone Apple Cider ($10) which is from Yarra Valley. It has a more alcohol taste than other ciders, but works well when paired with our food. He particularly likes that our waitress offers him a glass with ice in accompaniment which he readily accepts.

The Salt Cod, Egg and Potato Croquettes ($14) are phenomenal. They are so so light and cloud-like; the potato inside like whipped air with little diced chunks of egg and flashes of salt cod flavour. I can’t get over just how enjoyable these are to eat – especially when dunked in the creme fraiche on side.

The Fried Buttermilk Chicken Wings with Pimento Hot Sauce and Smoked Salt & Lime ($15) caught Jeremy’s eye the moment we started to peruse the menu. The chicken is tender and juicy; the coating on the outside crunchy and completely moorish. The pimento hot sauce is sadly not hot at all, but it tastes really good and works perfectly with the chicken. It’s also a decent serving size and is enhanced with a squeeze of lime over the top.

Jeremy’s dish of the night was our final savoury one for the meal. Grilled Lambs Tongue, Beetroot, Spring Onion, Horseradish and Manchego ($14). I don’t blame him because it was pretty spectacular.

The lambs tongue is much more tender than I expected; the meat soft and juicy. The manchego cheese melts on top of the meat and the spring onions have been grilled which releases their intense flavour. Normally I am not a big fan of beetroot since it tastes too pickled from it’s time in the can, but these fresh beets were roasted and tasted really nice. I was surprised by the fact that I actually liked them!

For dessert, Jeremy chooses the Bread and Butter Pudding with Brown Butter Ice Cream ($15). I’m actually quite jealous because I’d had my eye on it but he thankfully gives me a few bites and I declare it heavenly!

The pudding is crisp but soft at the same time; packed full of flavour and sweetness. The ice cream is rich and creamy; the brown butter taste mild but still effective. It’s rustic and heart warming as an overall dessert.

We share a serving of the Chocolate Salted Caramels with Smoked Chilli Salt ($3). Excuse the overexposed photo it is dark inside Andaluz! But don’t let that put you off, these are wondrous! They taste so good – chewy and salty and decadently rich.

The use of chilli in the flavour profile works so well and just brings out every possible taste you could evoke in a small little piece of candy. I wish I could buy these in a little takeaway jar to nibble on as a late night snack.

For my dessert I choose the Rhubarb Bavarois with Vincotto Strawberry and Hazelnut Praline ($13). It is silky smooth as I cut through the bavarois with my spoon. It is incredibly creamy and wobbles enticingly though the architecture stays in tact. The strawberries are gooey and sweet – they taste incredible! Especially when combined with the shards of hazelnut praline. It’s texturally the perfect dish.

I’m glad I made it finally to Andaluz even though it did take a couple goes. But after eating here I can understand why it was so busy – the food is carefully constructed, the flavours and textures thoughtfully prepared. And though tapas can be quite expensive, I find this reasonably priced – especially for the quality of the goods.

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    12 November 2012 at 2:09 pm

    I love this place.. it's just the best 🙂

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    18 November 2012 at 7:31 am

    It is awesome! Way too delicious, I think I'll need to go back again and again now I've discovered it

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