My top five: things I’m currently obsessed with

I know usually this blog talks about food, wine or events, but given I’m knee deep in a crazy work period, and I’m kind of hibernating due to the weather, I thought instead I’d share five things I’m currently pretty gaga over. 

1. Mui Mui Sunglasses

First things first – I have new sunglasses which I’m pretty crazy over. Vision Direct reached out to me recently and sent me them, and they’re perfect. Pink, cat eye and oh so fun! 

Mui Mui packaging is so up my alley, it’s blush tones and velvety and just plain delightful. I’ve been dreaming of getting new sunnies for awhile and was actually already browsing the enormous selection on Vision Direct when the stars seemed to line up. If you haven’t heard of them, definitely check them out because they stock a huge range of glasses and have them at much lower costs than most brick and mortar stores thanks to the high volume they turn over. 

Now that I have these in my collection I can start thinking about another pair to join them… After all, life is better with lots of sunnies to choose from right? 

2. Fluffe Fairy Floss

Remember when you were a kid and you’d go to the Royal Show or fetes, and be treated to fairy floss? Sure it was kind of chaotic since you were all sugar crazed, but there’s something utterly nostalgic about it too because it represents a simpler time. And a tasty one.

Cue: Fluffe. A Sydney based company which has an awesome instagram that will leave you drooling (check out @fluffegram). They deliver Australia-wide and have fun flavours like Unicorn Poop, Boys Tears, Gypsy Dreams, Hot Cocoa, Rose and more. 

I loveeeee the PB&J flavour, and Lemonade too. Birthday Cake is also pretty awesome – oh hell they’re all good. I highly recommend you check them out because they are a tasty treat. My advise is order them in cooler months as summer can melt fairy floss pretty quick. 


3. Brklz

If you need to know anything about me, it’s this: my dog Hugo is the absolute love of my life (along with my partner Jeremy). Everyone that spends any time with him can agree he’s a gentle soul – extremely loyal and playful, but the sweetest temperament you could ever hope for in a pet. We won the lottery with him. 

Normally when he’s running around the house he’s naked – but we know the importance of collars and tags when we take him out. And while I know it might be silly but I like giving him things that look good, so ordering a name tag and collar swag from Brklz was the natural choice. You can jazz up their tags as much as you like. In my case, I chose a black metal letter H and then a clear tag with a contact number. It’s easy to order and really stands out! Love, love, love it – and I love, love, love him. 

Image credit: Brklz

4. Sweetbitter 

Unsurprisingly, I love books about food. Well actually I love books in general – I’m a big reader, devouring book after book each week. It’s an expensive habit and I go through a lot of them. But every now and then I find some delightful ones, like Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler.

If the name sounds familiar you might have stumbled across the show of the same name on Stan. It’s unglamorous, raw and enigmatic. It sparks your tastebuds into life. It’s the kind of book that leaves you both full and unsatisfied, and is perfect for winter weather to curl up on the couch with a cozy throw and a cup of tea. 

5. Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you heard of Function of Beauty? I AM OBSESSED. It’s a completely customised shampoo and conditioner product that I stumbled upon recently, and had to try out for myself. It’s sulphate free, paraben free, cruelty free and has no toxins so it’s actually doing good for you. And beyond that, it’s created based on your needs.

To get started you visit the website and create a profile. For me, I have wavy hair that is a medium structure with an oily scalp. But beyond that, I also got to choose five out of seventeen different goals that i was seeking with my customised hair products: replenish hair, volumise, thermal protection, anti-frizz and oil control (though I might try some other goals in the future too). And then finally it’s choosing the colours of my product, the scent, the size and the name – I went with Function of… ‘Kristy’ of course!

It’s created in the USA, so shipping does take a couple of weeks but soon enough I had my hands on my new products and I was ready to try them out. The price is $84 + $5 shipping or the shipping cost can be waived if you sign on for a subscription. 

Now there’s no looking back for me. My hair feels stronger and healthier and all round happier. There’s definitely something to be said about treating yourself to quality products with quality ingredients, and this has cemented that for me!

Function of Beauty

Image credit: simply beyoutified


Function of Beauty

Image credit: Function of Beauty

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Vision Direct

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