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Frisch and Barc is a newcomer on the brunch scene in Perth, and one that has arrived with a round of applause. With a name inspired by a Nobel prize winning ethnologist who had a particular interest in the honeybee, they’ve played their hand as one deeply embedded in, and respectful of, the community. With a fusion approach to food that teeters somewhere between Australian, American and Asian, I actually had no idea what to expect. 

Heading over to Como on election day with Jeremy we decided to have a brunch date prior to casting our votes (I know… we gave up the traditional sausage sizzle to take advantage of the smaller brunch crowds that day). Unsurprisingly we still had to wait for a table, but within 15 minutes we managed to nab one of the outside ones since most people wanted to wait to be inside. Lucky we dressed warm!

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With an icy chill in the air, drinks were very much on the cards straight away. So we browsed the menu quickly then jumped up to the counter to order. Before long, a steaming jug of tai ping hoi kui green tea ($5.00) came out to the table for my date.

They take tea seriously here, working with Top Shelf Tea to select the blends and providing them to customers at the right PH and temperate level. The result is a clear, sugarcane flavour with a lingering aftertaste.

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Seeing hot chocolate on the menu ($4.20), I decided it was just what I’d been feeling like. Made with 33% koko deluxe chocolate it was seriously good. I did leave it a touch too long before drinking it so it wasn’t as hot as I’d have liked, but the flavour was spot on. Slightly bitter, creamy and not overly sweet as many are about town. 

The torched marshmallows were the perfect touch. A sugary injection, and a playful approach that brought in that campfire essence you just have to love about marshmallows. Since ‘mallow’ is Jeremy’s nickname for me, it was an extra special treat to enjoy with him there.

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While everything sounded delicious, we actually managed to choose our dishes quite quickly. For Jeremy, it was all about the black angus corned beef potato hash with kale, fried egg and sriracha soy ($23.90).

The hash was super crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – ideal to soak up the spicy and salty sauce that was swimming at the bottom of the bowl. The flavour combination was clever. Nothing unexpected on a brunch menu, but the sauce created an ideal western-asian fusion that set it apart. 

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I was tempted by the french toast and the ham hock with baked beans, but in the end it was the Singapore chilli crab omelette with grilled shimeji mushroom, Asian herb salad and ciabatta toast ($24.90) that I decided on. I absolutely love going out for chilli crab when holidaying in Singapore so I needed to see how this version would weigh up.

Delicious! Fluffy, creamy omelette packed full of shredded crab throughout. There were a few random pieces of cartilage and shell in the meat which was a bit disappointing – but that’s the only negative. The sauce had that wonderful sweetness it’s known for, and the egg was cooked just right. I enjoyed the fresh herbs which cut through the richness, and offered some crunch too thanks to the bean sprouts. 

What a great little brunch spot, and definitely one that has successfully tackled the whole fusion approach. Nothing seemed out of place, and it all worked hand in hand. I was impressed by the food (though pricing is a touch high for brunch I think), and also the service – the auntie acting as host was warm, bubbly and informative. I thought she really added to the character of the venue, and she left a lingering impression on us. 

With so many competitors in the brunch market, it’s great to see a new addition that really packs a punch. If you’re happy to wait for a quality meal, check it out – it definitely delivers in my opinion. 


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    Dumpling Love (@cscc28)
    11 July 2016 at 9:04 am

    That is such a cute little nickname!!!! haha. Have been flooded with images of this place lately…too many new places in Perth now ><!

    • Reply
      17 September 2016 at 3:47 pm

      I know there’s so many places opening in Perth! And so little time to get to them all 🙂

  • Reply
    17 September 2016 at 10:09 am

    Its soft shell crab – of course there’s shell in it – you’re meant to eat the shell and cartilege

    • Reply
      17 September 2016 at 3:46 pm

      The menu might be different now but this was fresh crab meat, not soft shell crab 🙂 though I do love soft shell crab so that would be a welcome dish!

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