Guava & guerrero in Guzman y Gomez

There hasn’t been a fast food opening that generated so much publicity in Perth for as long as I can recall as that of Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria. If you didn’t hear about it, their opening day included giving away nearly 5,000 burritos for free to the hungry masses that flocked by.

Since I work only a five minute or so walk away, I’ve been wanting so very much to sample the fare here – especially after hearing about how delicious this place is (despite really being a fast food joint). However work’s been a little crazy lately so instead I headed here for dinner one night with Jeremy instead.

The place seems to be a hipster mecca. Hoards of people sat inside and out, skinny jeans rife and slicked back hair like I was sitting in a sixties diner. The vibe is electric and everyone eating looks incredibly happy and joyful at the experience. I couldn’t help but think to myself, could the food be really that great?

I was soon going to find out.

For my dinner I choose two quesadillas. The first is a Spicy Pork Chipotle Quesadilla which is slow roasted in spicy chipotle marinade and comes in a grilled soft corn tortilla with melted cheddar, pico de gallo and tomatillo salsa. It’s not as spicy as the menu suggested but it tastes great. The cheddar has picked up a really smokey flavour which I enjoy so much. The meat is tender and soft to the tooth. The only downfall is that the quesadilla is so hot that I can’t pick it up and the paper starts to stick to it. However once I remove the paper it lies on (which is very funky in appearance), the problem is solved.

My other quesadilla is the Spicy Chicken Guerrero. It’s grilled chicken in a guerrero marinade with pico de gallo, melted cheese and tomatillo salsa. This is my favourite of the two – it’s phenomenal! The chicken is so juicy and succulent; and the cheese works in perfectly harmony with them. Unlike the pork which is soft and shredded, the chicken is more solid which means the quesadilla is easier to eat.

I wash down my meal with a Mexican soft drink – Jarritos – which seems to be taking Perth by storm. Guava is my flavour of choice, and Jeremy chooses a lime. They’re sweet, bubbly and wonderful.

Jeremy chooses the Pork Chipotle Burrito. It’s a soft tortilla roll with rice, cheddar cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa and slow roasted pork in a spicy chipotle marinade. The size is pretty reasonable; the filling fresh and flavoursome. I can tell he’s enjoying it – he’s making all the right noises and smiling in appreciation.

I steal a bite and note the great combination of textures and tastes. The black beans in particular are really great and I make a mental note to try a burrito next time we come back here.

I have to say for fast food, this is pretty tasty and fresh. The price is cheap and I can definitely understand why this chain has taken off in the eastern states. I particularly like how clean the restaurant is, with staff milling about and cleaning up as soon as a table is vacated. It’s exactly the kind of assurance one would want from a place like this. Fast, friendly and fantastic food and service. It might not be fine dining, but it tasted good.

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    Martine @ Chompchomp
    17 February 2013 at 9:23 am

    Did you see if there was any gluten free tortillas available? I could tell on their online menu.

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    20 February 2013 at 5:41 am

    I dont think it said 🙁 sorry I should have kept an eye out! Not as much fun but they did have some really delicious sounding salads if not? If I go back soon I'll let you know about the tortillas – hopefully they do!

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