Healthy and hearty food at Pixel Coffee, Leederville

When I first started blogging, I have to admit it was (and still is to an extent) a self indulgent pursuit; something to give me an added creative outlet, to exercise my writing skills and to excuse my tendency to dine out too much. However I had no idea that such a hobby would turn into almost a way of life – one that has led me down a path where I am more passionate than ever about supporting local businesses and growers, and using sustainable produce. But beyond that, I also didn’t realise that I would get to connect with so many like-minded food focussed individuals. 

Recently I had an outing with Laura who is the smiling face behind Yelp in Perth. Like myself, she’s a massive foodie so we were both in agreement to check out the new Leederville venue, Pixel Coffee. Located on the site where Smuggled Seeds used to be (which I loved), I’d heard big things and keeping in mind the former tenant, I thought there were big shoes to fill. 
Arriving at 12.30pm I was immediately taken by the beautiful fit out which uses tones of white, turquoise, pine and copper. It’s how I’d want to design my ideal kitchen colours for sure – feminine but not overly girly. The counter is piled high with delicious looking cakes and tarts, plus a cabinet with salads and sandwiches waiting to tempt you. 
Sadly we’d missed the breakfast menu which finishes at 11.30am, but with the counter laden with other options, our disappointment was short-lived. How could you not be tempted by such gorgeous house-made treats!

After a quick contemplation we place our orders at the till then take a seat. It’s such a small dining area, but as I watched customers come and go I quickly realised that most visitors were after take away treats and drinks.

Our drinks come out quickly much to my delight. My green tea ($6.00) is a beautiful clear mug and I’m told by our waitress that the infuser has a couple more mugs out of it if I’d like complimentary top ups of hot water. It’s a really nice touch which makes you see value for money.

Laura’s coffee looks beautiful in it’s turquoise mug, with a pretty foam on top. As the name would suggest, Pixel Coffee is all about what I hear is liquid gold (if only I drank it – right?). Their menu features pages of coffee options and there’s a wonderful smell wafting throughout the cafe.

My mushroom and feta tart (warmed up) easily makes up for being unable to order off the breakfast menu. The base is buttery and so wonderful short it crumbles in my mouth. I love the earthy mushrooms that are perfectly accompanied by the creamy feta. It’s a classic flavour combination for a reason! And as a dish, it’s actually quite hearty to my surprise. 
I order a wild rice and pumpkin salad on the side (all up I think I spent $13.00) which has kale and nasturtium flowers, plus an array of seeds sprinkled around the plate. It’s a very healthy dish, but there’s just so much flavour you can’t help but enjoy every bite. I am a huge fan of wild rice with it’s nuttiness and al dente texture, offset by the sweet, toothsome pumpkin. As great as the tart was, I would have happily just had this salad on it’s own – it really was punchy and ideal for an Autumn day’s lunch. 

Laura’s sweet potato and quinoa round is a lovely patty topped with fresh kale salad and accompanied by a side of spiced cauliflower salad with almonds, beans and parsley. Again like my dish it’s a really healthy vegetarian meal, and they’ve ticked the box in terms of variety of ingredients, flavours and textures.

Now because I love trying new places, and I was really pleased by what I tried at Pixel, I knew I had to make an effort to go back for breakfast. My opportunity came recently when my best friend Carly and I ventured out for brekky one Saturday morning. Despite the place being busy, we managed to snag a table without waiting more than a few minutes.

We start off with a hot drink each plus a yoyo to share while we wait for our hot food. It’s buttery and short, the filling generous. I would have loved a bit more zing and zest in the filling but it was still delicious – I’m just a big fan of sour with my sweet!

Our hot food didn’t take long to come out and I was immediately taken by Carly’s choice of the potato and pea cake with poached egg, prosciutto and shaved parmesan ($18.90). It’s a great balance of fresh and savoury, with that wonderful umami taste that the meat and cheese brings to each bite.

My smashed avocado on bread with feta, poached egg and herb and seed salad ($17.90) was vibrant and delicious from the first bite. I did feel like it needed more salt, but I am a little heavy handed with my seasoning.

The seeds they use are particularly tasty, offering little pops of crunch with each bite to offset the creaminess of the avocado. And yes, my eggs were perfectly cooked (hashtag yolk porn!).

A second trip to Pixel and I left satisfied again. A short and sweet menu; a counter laden with pretty delights… it’s a little hole in the wall that is a great addition to Leederville for sure.

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  • Reply
    29 May 2015 at 2:29 pm

    I'm a huge fan of this place – love their daily cakes which are always so gorgeous and vibrant!!!

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    1 June 2015 at 1:49 pm

    I saw the most incredible looking gingerbread cake there when we went on the weekend – so sad I forgot to go back and buy a slice!

  • Reply
    7 June 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Nice, went here on the weekend and had a great pumpkin dish for breakfast. Coffee is def. on point!

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