Humble Chinese cooking at Ambassador

When you’re on the hunt for good Chinese food (outside of what mum is cooking at home), I rely on the word of mouth from her. After all, she’s the one with the much more refined palate when it comes to Asian cuisines.

So since we’re both hanging out for some noodles and delicious accompaniments, we set out south of the river to the Ambassador. It’s been years since either of us have been here (and I’m too young to remember), but mum swears it’s one of the best kway teow dishes she’s had in Perth. 
We’re feeling a little greedy, so we order a noodle dish each plus the fried duck with yam. It’s a plate of crispy crumbed duck, with more duck in each piece than the perfectly cooked yam. Thankfully it’s not goopy like some places can treat the yam – it holds together and takes the flavours to a new level.  The BBQ sauce that accompanies the food is thick. Tangy and sweet. It’s really delicious. 

As always, I’m tempted by the thought of fried beef kway teow. And just like mum suggested, it is pretty amazing. The chef may have changed in recent years, but it looks like they’ve kept this dish up to the standard set all those years ago.

The noodles are soft and flavoursome. The rich smokiness of the wok infused in each bite. The beef has great tenderness and I’m enjoying crunching down on the bean shoots mixed throughout.

Mum’s selected the Singapore Mai Fun. It’s rice vermicelli noodles that are flash fried with the accompaniment of roast meats, bean shoots and squid. It’s pretty much her go to and tastes really great. While not the best we’ve had, we still find ourselves munching away through every piece on the plate.

The servings here are large, and though we’re trying our best, we find ourselves needing to take some of the kway teow and half the duck home with us. Not that I’m complaining since it’s my lunch tomorrow (yippee)!

All up the Ambassador Chinese Restaurant was homely and welcoming. It’s your neighbourhood restaurant that actually manages to deliver what you want in a meal. It’s delicious though without a real wow factor. But it was a nice time with my mum, and I’m sitting here with some warming food in my belly.

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