Singapore eatery Hungrywich’s opens in Ocean Keys


After successfully opening and running a restaurant in Singapore called Hungrywich’s, it’s now come to Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson. Owned by a Burns Beach couple Jeanie Tan and Joe Oh, it’s a fusion style menu with Singaporean flavours paired with healthy options. 

I was recently invited to drive up to the new store, to check it out and see what makes their offering so unique.



The decor is bright, with natural light streaming in through the windows. The menu is nice and simple, offering customers the opportunity to order their choice of meat, sauce and salad. It’s then housed as a sandwich or a bowlwich, which is a rice bowl. 

The result – healthy, tasty and inexpensive food that can be eaten in the restaurant or take away. 



The first dish I tried was the slow roasted beef ($13.90), which is simmered in aus jus. It came out in a bowl on white jasmine rice, slaw and topped with spicy ginger sauce.

The flavour of the beef was exactly as described, and you could smell the ginger sauce as soon as it hit the table. There was definitely some spice to it as promised, and owner Jeannie told me they actually had to dial back on the heat factor for their Ocean Keys store after feedback from customers. I guess we don’t quite have the chilli tolerance they do in Singapore!

The slaw on top was a nicely crisp and cool addition, providing freshness and balance. I particularly liked the use of peanuts for some added crunch and salt. 



The slow roasted pork ($13.90) on brown rice (an extra $1.00) was coated in a black pepper sauce and topped with slaw too. 

I really liked this dish. The cubes of pork were succulent, and the brown rice was nutty and fluffy. They went really well together, and the use of both black and white pepper made for a distinct flavour profile in the sauce. 



My final savoury dish to try was the grilled chicken ($12.90) on multigrain roll with satay sauce. And best of all, it came out with some original flavour crinkle cut potato chips – ideal for munching on the side or stuffing into the sandwich for some satisfying crunch. 

This was my favourite dish of them all. Though they don’t bake the bread in-house, they’ve managed to find a local supplier who makes the bread similar to how they do it in Singapore. It’s super soft, and being placed in the toaster gives it a slight crisp edge but doesn’t take away from the fluffiness. 

The cut of chicken is breast meat, yet they’ve managed to ensure that it stays juicy and tender. The satay sauce is full of spice, and is the most suited to the slaw of the ones I tried. It’s a tasty sandwich, and one I wholeheartedly enjoyed. 



I was feeling ridiculously full by this stage – and a little guilty that I’d only tried some of each dish instead of eating it all. I guess contrary to what I like to tell myself, I don’t have an infinite appetite!

But when dessert was offered, I knew I wanted to try their offering for myself to finish out my meal. And when the brownie bar ($5.50) covered in caramel sauce came out, I knew it was the right decision. Baked in-house, the brownie bar is quite dense and decadent, with a generous amount of chocolate chips scattered throughout. It such is rich! The caramel sauce though is what sets it apart – it’s warm and oozy, without being overly sweet. It was a delicious way to finish my meal.

Hungrywich’s is located at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, and is a happy little ray of sunshine offering an alternative to your normal lunch and dinner options. If you’re up that way, check it out to see what you think.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Hungrywich’s. 

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