It’s Halloween every day at V Burger Bar

What is it about a great burger that has even the best fine dining lover swooning with appreciation? I wish I knew the answer. There’s that oh so temptingly juicy patty. The rich melted cheese. The crunch of salads and the sweetness, smokiness or creaminess of the sauce used. I love a great burger. But since bread is my enemy (the food item I have cut down on to ensure my weight doesn’t balloon to a scary size it once was), during the week if I eat a burger I try to go bunless. How fun (not really)!

On Wednesday night this week Jeremy and I found ourselves in Vic Park after spending a couple hours looking at a new car for him. That process in itself is tiring, especially since car salesmen can be quite intense. So after we excused ourselves from Honda Burswood, we headed over to V Burger Bar which I’ve eaten at a few times back in the day but he hasn’t.

We sit down in one of the booths and examine the menu with interest. I already have it in my head that (though the beef patties are calling me) I’ll be revisiting an old favourite here, the Halloween Burger ($11). It’s made up of crispy breaded pumpkin, thick basil pesto, danish feta cheese, onion, tomato, mixed gourmet lettuce and aioli.

As a bunless burger, it’s quite generous though strangely plated. There’s two pumpkin patties instead of one, and there’s a whole slab of danish feta much to my delight. I do notice that I’m missing my aioli though but besides that it’s a good representation of what I expect a bunless option to be like.

I take a bite and am happy to report the breaded pumpkin is crisp and sweet, though a little oily. The basil is lovely and chunky and flavoursome. I love the combination of the pumpkin, feta and pesto – it’s a perfect union of flavours. While it’s been a couple years since I’ve eaten this, I still really enjoy it.

Jeremy orders the Blue Mushy Burger ($15) with a side of fries ($5 with a drink). The burger includes a patty of prime beef, a layer of blue cheese, grilled mushrooms, tomato, onion, mixed gourmet lettuce and aioli.

The burger comes out and looks amazing. For a quick moment I have regret over my decision to omit the bun since it’s toasted on the inside with the outside left soft and pillowy. The best kind of bread bun for a burger! As he eats it, he looks really happy. The meat is tender and juicy; the mushrooms sauteed and tasty. The blue cheese isn’t too rich but it’s definitely not mild so it works well as a combination.

The chips on the side are delicious – crunchy and well seasoned. They’re golden brown and steam pours out as you bite into them. They’re extremely moorish!

I get a side of Onion Rings ($6 with a drink) with my burger. I love how they come out – stacked on top of each other with a long skewer holding them upright. They sit proudly golden and heady in their scent, with a nice little bowl of garlicy aioli beside them.

Biting into them I’m happy to note there’s actually a decent amount of onion inside. It’s sweet, thick and soft to a degree while still being toothsome. There’s enough salt to get my mouth salivating and I love the contrast in texture between the batter and the filling. No wonder they include these in one of their actual burgers! They’re very yummy – though I have to admit when we stop eating I can feel a big layer of grease inside my mouth that my water isn’t clearing.

All up V Burger Bar is a great cheap eat for burger lovers. Was it the best burger I’ve ever eaten? No. But it’s higher up than most and it’s a place I know I will return to again – especially since it’s also in the Entertainment Book which makes it even greater value for money.

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  • Reply
    20 May 2013 at 10:06 am

    I have been planning on eating there ! I am also not a fan of bread (regular or gluten free)
    You say the bunless burger was plated strangely… How would you have expected it to be plated?

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    20 May 2013 at 2:01 pm

    I'm not sure how I would have wanted it plated! Very vague I know. I think because it always varies – some give you a bowl of salad, others make a "burger bun" out of lettuce.

    I like Grilled's style which looks more ordered than slapped on the plate. But at the end of the day, at least it tastes good no matter how it's plated! 🙂

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