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Hi I’m Kristy. I like my egg yolks runny. My flavours dialled all the way up. And my food designed to share. 

From this criteria springs forth a natural affinity with Kazoomies, a small market stall at the E-Shed Markets in Fremantle by Nimrod Kazoom. His cooking roots are deeply stemmed in the North African and Spanish realms, self-described as “a distillation of tradition with innovation”.

I adore spices, and the headiness of cuisines such as Moroccan, Turkish and the like. So when I received an invitation to dine at Kazoomies and try out their menu offering, excitement automatically bubbled to the surface. With my girls Laura Moseley and Ai-Ling from Blue Apocalypse (and the creator of Food Truck Rumble) in tow, we headed down on the labour day long weekend for some Sunday feasting in the sunshine. 

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After seeing so many snaps of the food on Instagram, the location surprised me a little. E-Shed Market used to be booming years ago, but it has definitely quietened down as of late. However Kazoomies had a steady patronage while we were there, and the view over the B-Shed Rottnest terminal and water made for a relaxing seaside atmosphere. 

It was lovely to kick back in the slightly shaded outdoor seating, and sip on the complimentary cucumber or lemon and mint flavoured waters while we waited for our food to come out. 

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First up were the falafel ($16.00) – 8 falafels with romesco yoghurt and green yoghurt. The sauce was dripping down off each falafel stand, with a housemade toasted pita sitting underneath. 

I thought the falafel were enjoyable, slightly on the small side from others I’ve tried, though the serving size overall was appropriate for the cost. The outside was crunchy, and the inside fluffy – the flavours going well with the yoghurt sauces. I really loved the green yoghurt, it was so addictive!

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The dolmades plank ($16.50) with a minted tzatziki sauce was one of the standouts for the lunch. Dolmades are a common middle eastern dish, made with tender vine leaves wrapped into little rolls stuffed with rice and fresh herbs.

I’m a big fan of these, especially because they’re not a dish you see often on menus around Perth. The vine leaves were soft and melted in your mouth at first bite, the filling inside vivid from the use of saffron rice. The tzatziki was creamy and zingy, an ideal accompaniment that really hit the spot. 

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The girls were actually in a bit of shock when I confessed that I’ve never actually had a chicken parmigiana before! I think there’s definitely some iconic dishes I need to try, which Jeremy often teases me about. 

Kazoomies Parmi Me! ($21.00) was not just my first to ever try, it’s also been named ‘Best Parmi in Perth’ by WA Today. Made with a giant free-range chicken thigh schnitzel with a parmesan and rosemary crust, red shakshuka sauce, blow torched cheese and cajun waffle fries, it was an epic plate. 

First off, I like that at Kazoomies everything is served on recycled material or in the pans that it’s been cooked. The chicken was presented spread out, with juices running onto the plate. Sadly the juices meant that the schnitzel crumb was soggy and not delivering on the promised crustiness, but the sauce was punchy and flavourful. I really liked the waffle fries, which were dusted in cajun spicing, and each bite a satisfying potato ridden taste bomb. I mean, who doesn’t love fries every now and then!

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Named the ‘Top 26th Breakfast in Australia’ by Gourmet Traveller, the Zaldeesh’s lamb red shakshuka ($23.50) was the dish of the afternoon for me. Delivered in a frying pan, two poached eggs sat in a slow cooked tomato sauce with cinnamon kadaif lamb and pita alongside. 

The yolks oozed out sunny happiness when we popped them open, the herbs and spices scattered in the pan getting caught up in the slow torrent of eggy goodness. I thought the sauce was deeply layered in flavour, with each bite really bursting my tastebuds.

The lamb was cooked wrapped around a cinnamon quill, then coated in spun kadaif pastry. The meat was really heavy in spices, and just plain delicious. It had soaked up some of the flavour of the shakshuka, but also stood on it’s own. A really impressive dish, and I can see why Gourmet Traveller praised it so highly. 

Kazoomies was well worth the trip down to Fremantle! A flavourful experience (though it did leave me really thirsty after), and something different to what you normally find on menus and on offer in Perth. It’s great to see these dishes executed as they’re intended, really putting the spotlight on North African cuisine.

What a lovely way to spend a long weekend’s Sunday with two of my favourite friends. 

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