La Belle Miette aka macaron mecca

Just one minute’s walk from The Hardware Societe in Melbourne is La Belle Miette. This is the place for macarons I’ve been told and so I’m desperate to get there to bring some goodies home for snacking on during our plane ride (though any excuse will do) back to Perth.

The shop’s window is, quite simply, adorable. Boxes of macarons, and little bowls spilling with them and is just generally, very pretty. We arrive just as they open their doors to begin trading for the day (cue rejoice).
Inside is just as cute, with rows upon rows of colours and flavours to marvel over. The staff are ready and waiting; their hands clad in soft white gloves that keep their hands from ever touching these little treats. 
The ingredients here are boasted to be of only the finest. The chocolate is from French chocolate house Cacao Berry and Belgian Callebaut. The butter is Girgar and made in Australia but in the European tradition. It’s what stands behind what we’re about to devour. 
Jeremy and I each make up a box of six (total of $36 for both); with mainly the same flavours but a couple different. As is the case for all of these the texture of the macaron is perfect. The outside is glossy without being grainy; the centre creamy and sweet. The colours used in them all are pretty as a picture and make them look like toys, not food.
In both of our boxes we’ve chosen strawberry with a vanilla centre, raspberry with chocolate centre, pistachio and lemon. In mine is a violet and blueberry macaron, and a cherry blossom and sake. Though I was very close to choosing the moet and blackcurrent option given it’s different flavour profile to others I’ve had elsewhere. In Jeremy’s box he’s chosen the 72% cocoa single origin chocolate (Venezuela) and the current Easter Egg special macaron which is painted decoratively in a festive manner. 
They all taste so delicious and amazing. Definitely unlike any other macarons I’ve had in the past. The lemon is tart and zesty; the pistachio salty and moorish. But my favourite, that would have to be the raspberry and chocolate. It has such a decadence to the filling and a crispness to the shell. It’s wonderful and I’m wishing so badly it was endless. 
It’s so good that sadly as I’m writing this, I am on La Belle Miette’s website trying to find out if you can order these amazing things from Perth. Knowing my luck, I’ll have to wait until I’m next in Melbourne. How annoying since nowhere here has managed to be anywhere close to how good this place is.

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    30 August 2013 at 2:24 pm

    I know macarons are not as 'in' as the were but I have tried these ones and they are to die for!

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