Lunchtime treats for our Jaws

Sushi train is fun. Let’s be honest, there’s something really entertaining and elating about watching food prepared fresh in front of you and placed on a conveyor (much like luggage at the airport) for you to choose and devour accordingly.

Jaws Kaiten Sushi in the heart of the Perth shopping streets has sushi train down to a fine art. They boast a selection of diverse and delicious dishes, chefs that make to order, and colour coded plates for ease of payment upon your exit.

The Sashimi Salmon ($5.80) is one dish I order as soon as Jeremy and I are seated on this busy Sunday. The fish is fresh and cool to the palate; the texture buttery soft. I love sashimi so much, I could stay here and eat this one after the other.

The Vegetable Tempura ($3.90) is two pieces of crunchy vegetables covered in a light tempura batter. They have a small portion of sauce over the top which adds some sweetness and saltiness at the same time.

The Ebi Sushi ($4.50) is basically a staple when it comes to sushi train. Two perfectly cooked prawns atop little pillows of sushi rice that is sweet and fragrant. It’s cool to bite into and texturally diverse between the seafood and the rice.

The Chicken Sushi ($3.10) is a different world to the six pack you might pick up from various Japanese take away stands. It’s crunchy inside and so fresh. It’s thankfully missing that stale cold taste that sushi rice can adopt quite often. The slick of mayonnaise on top is creamy and decadently delish!

Though we make these at home some times, Jeremy’s craving the Gyoza ($5.20). We make Chinese version ones, so these are a little different seeing as they’re the Japanese offering. Inside is a nice combination of meat, herbs and vegetables that is soft on the tongue but full of flavour.

I only sneak one bite of Jeremy’s Teriyaki Chicken ($5.20), but it tastes nice enough. It’s a little tough like chicken can get sometimes, but the flavours are sweet, sticky and somehow salty at the same time. It’s a nice filler menu item for those who eat large servings (like my Jeremy).

I am actually incapable of going for sushi train without ordering the Takoyaki ($5.20). It’s creamy fried octopus balls that sit in this glorious combination of BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. Definitely one of my weaknesses when it comes to Japanese food and I think I’ve devoured most of the plate before remembering we’re sharing our dishes today. Whoops.

The Crab Balls ($5.80) are two little fried balls of crab meat that are crunchy on the outside and flaky on the inside. The chilli mayonnaise they sit in is so wonderful I really want to swab my finger through it in appreciation. There’s nothing about this dish that isn’t sinfully naughty.

The Ebi-Fry ($5.20) is another dish here that threatens to clog my arteries, but is worth it. Three panko crumbed prawns that have been fried to a golden perfection and are steaming hot when we pluck them off the moving conveyor. Like all good things in life they’re accompanied by kewpie mayonnaise – and lots of it.

The Chicken Karage Wrap ($4.50) is perfection here. Fried tender chunks of chicken that sits atop of rice and is protected by a strip of seaweed. There’s mustard seeds in the dressing that pop in your mouth like a cheerleader screaming at the top of her lungs. They have impact in the flavour department that’s for sure!

Since we’re both big fans of eel in Japanese cooking, we choose a J Roll ($4.50) to share. The BBQ eel is soft and flaky; the cucumber a nice alternative in texture. It seems to simple but it’s something worth trying if you do go down here.

Our final dish today is the Tuna, Mayo & Avocado Sushi ($3.10). It’s rolled in caviar on the outside and the tuna inside is fresh, fresh, fresh. A really nice and cleansing way to finish up before Jeremy rolls me out of here.

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