My escape down south to Red Manna

For the first time in the longest I can remember, the days surrounding my birthday have been sunny and beautiful. Gone is the normally miserable rain and gusting winds. It seems that for Jeremy, things worked out just right because part two of my birthday surprise from him (he’s done so well!) is for us to take the day off from work and drive down to Mandurah for lunch at Redmanna.

While I had organised with my manager for the day off, I’d had no idea what we were going to be doing. There are literally no clouds in the sky as we make our way down the freeway, enjoying the company of one another and the deep blue right above us.

When we get to Redmanna it’s in a great location. Sitting right on the waterfront to a gorgeous barely rippling body of liquid, it’s the ideal view for a nice seafood (and other) themed lunch.

It seems our luck continues with this place being in the gold section of the Entertainment Book (25% thank you very much) and with many of the mains here being offered at only $20 (for some that is over half the price discount) Monday to Friday for lunch.

Since its lunch we probably could have just ordered mains but we decide since we’ve come this far we’ll opt for some entrees too. And while the oysters 6 ways are calling to me, I decide on the crab souffle ($25.90).

I’m so glad I did. It’s wonderful and light. Perfectly cooked with delicate and sophisticated flavours. The bed of rocket on top is peppery and suited to the milder flavours of the crab. For me, this is the best entree I’ve had in ages and my favourite dish here. I’ve fallen a little in love.

Especially as I continue eating away while staring out the window at the incredible view.

Jeremy’s entree is one that is equally fantastic. Baldivis rabbit ravioli tossed in burnt butter, mushroom, sage, panchetta and shaved grana padano ($25.90). It is packed full of rich and amazing flavours. It’s incredibly vibrant on the plate and in my mouth as I savour the bite he offers me. The meat inside the ravioli isn’t your standard minced or moussed rabbit, but rather shreds of utter tenderness. The sauce is lovely, and the crispy chunks of panchetta the ideal element that binds the entire dish all together. 

A proper amount of time passes before our mains arrive. The service staff are fantastic, knowing how to time the delivery of food, and knowing when to check in with us without being intrusive. I like the follow up about five minutes after each dish arrives when they confirm with us that it is up to standard.

Jeremy’s main is the pork belly, which is marinated and cooked for twelve hours, served on mash with apple sauce and fingers of crackling. The pork is fatty but not overly so, the crackling nice but sadly I have to say my mum does it better. The mash is silky though and the apple sauce is nice and sweet. The sauce is beautiful and wonderfully rich.

My main, also on the lunch menu for $20, is the Shark Bay tempura whiting fillets. It comes with crunchy shoestring fries, salad with a tangy honey mustard dressing and a side of sweet chilli aioli to accompany the fish. It’s great. The batter is oh so light yet crunchy, the fish inside so fresh it feels like it’s just been caught. 
The presentation is cute, sitting in a silver pan and standing out with its bright colours. The aioli is lacking the punch of sweet chilli but still tastes really nice. And the chips, well they’re completely and utterly moorish. 

Redmanna was lovely. It was a beautiful view on a beautiful day. And the food, it was a very reasonably priced lunch with great flavours to savour.

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