No tune up needed at Gordon St Garage

There’s a new kid in town that everyone’s talking about. It’s almost like when you read a book or see a movie that has a small town (even though Perth isn’t a small town at all) and someone new arrives – it’s all anyone can talk about. For me, that’s what Gordon St Garage has been like. 
From the same owners as Duende, this renovated garage come restaurant has arrived on the food scene with a bang. So naturally I had to go check it out because I absolutely love Duende, and if it’s half as good as there, then it’s damn good! 

I set out one Thursday night after work with two of my girlfriends, Vee and Linda. It had been raining all day so I was glad for the chance to sit down, relax and enjoy some food with some catch up conversation. Though we hadn’t booked, and most tables were full, our attentive waiter sat us at one of the longer tables usually suited to larger groups (happy to see they didn’t mind us taking up space others could have used) where he said it wasn’t booked for later so we could stay as long as we liked. It was a nice touch. 
We decide to order a couple pizzas and some chips to share between us and then if we’re still hungry after we’ll get some more. Since Linda hasn’t arrived yet we call her and she tells us to choose the flavours so we each pick one.

I opt for the Hunters Pizza ($24). It’s a pizza topped with  house made salami picante, prosciutto, soused mushroom and truffle oil. The base is thin and crisp; flavoured from the wood fired oven used to cook it in.

There’s a just the right amount of toppings and sauce on top; each bite different to the other based on what you get in that mouthful. The house made salami is particularly delicious, as is the tender mushrooms. The truffle oil on top is sweet and luxurious – it elevates the pizza to a different flavour profile all together to what I expected.

Vee chooses the Pumpkin Pizza ($24) which I have to say I’m really pleased about. It comes with less pumpkin than I expected, but I do like the addition of fresh basil and the use of pecorino parmesan as the cheese on top. 
The base is the same type as the Hunters and the pumpkin is sweet and delicious. The cheese has melted and browned in certain spots which changes the taste in the best kind of way. It’s a pretty simple pizza but it does taste really good and goes down a treat amongst all three of us.

The Frites ($9.50) we order come out in the most adorable terracotta flower pot with a side of garlic aioli. The chips have the skin on which I love – you don’t find that as often anymore – and they’re hand cut to give it that homemade, rustic feel. There’s just the right amount of salt on top and when combined with the creamy aioli, it works so well.

It is a bit of a steep price for the serving size, but I guess the same could be said about the pizzas. But then given the location, ingredients and the decor, I don’t mind at all – the taste and service makes up for it.

After the last chip and slice of pizza disappears we mull over whether we should have dessert. We’re a bit torn, so I order a peppermint tea and Linda gets an iced coffee while we decide.

The funky thing here is that instead of a dessert menu, Gordon St Garage have a dessert station. It’s a display of different dessert options such as cupcakes, individual mousse cakes, tarts etc. When Linda and I go up to have a look (Vee is full and happy to skip dessert), it all does present outstandingly and we are tempted by a couple things. However we end up settling for our after dinner drinks and they fill those sweet cravings we both have.

My peppermint tea is piping hot and a great herbal blend. The mint aroma is phenomenal, it wafts under my nose in this fresh burst. I love the presentation with the matching tea cup, saucer and pot. Very cute!

Linda tells me she really enjoys her iced coffee which is in a lovely tall glass and a generous serving. For both of us, we’re satisfied in our choice to not have dessert and instead relax in our chairs continuing our conversations.

I have to say I did enjoy my first trip to Gordon St Garage though I question the prices. On the menu I spied some main dishes that I am keen to come down and try like the barbeque rubbed pork belly with apples – yum! So that said, I will need to go back soon and sample some different menu options.

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  • Reply
    23 April 2013 at 8:37 am

    This place was hit and miss to me service wasn't the best but i like the flavors. Great decor though

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    18 May 2013 at 7:01 am

    I've heard similar reviews from other diners! I'm hoping that it's just teething problems at this stage

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