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Truffle Kerfuffle

Truffle Kerfuffle is coming!

It’s no secret that truffle season is one of my favourite times of the year. Those little pungent, black gold nuggets seem to make their way into so many of my dishes during the cold winter months and the…

The Mantle

The Mantle’s spotlight on WA ingredients

When I first started blogging, it was simply because I love food. And that much hasn’t changed; I still adore eating, cooking and watching others hone their culinary crafts. But now I’m so much more conscious of things like…

Someday Coffee

One day at Someday

This year is flying by. And it’s been full of highs and lows, much like 2016 was for me (and apparently everyone I knew). Maybe it’s as you get older life just gets more serious, more complicated and unfortunately…


FADS: WA’s first food and drink symposium is coming

It’s no secret that I love food – if I didn’t I wouldn’t spend hours stalking dishes and chefs on Instagram, watching countless documentaries or cooking shows on Netflix, or dedicate my non-working hours to my blog. But part…


Bravo: an apple 20 years in the making

It’s an apple over two decades in the making, and with it’s deep burgundy skin and sweet balance between sugar and acid, Bravo is a welcome breath of apple scented air. Developed and grown in Western Australia, this apple…


Taiwan travel diary: Taipei

Taipei. Home to one of the tallest  buildings in the world, and the capital of the island of Taiwan (sometimes referred to as the Republic of China by outsiders, but by no one who resides there). It’s also the…

WA Signature dish 2017

WA’s Signature Dish is back

I’ve shared info on WA’s Signature Dish competition in the past – and I’m excited to be on board again for 2017 as one of the social influencers. For the next four weeks I’ll be supporting the Kimberley region…


Sundowner sips at Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

After opening in June 2016 in East Freo, Sweetwater Rooftop Bar has brought beautiful sunset views, an Asian inspired menu and a serious cocktail game. With ex-Gingerboy head chef Leigh Power heading up the kitchen, it’s full of dumplings…

Shortlist Oxford Street

Breakfast at Shortlist Oxford Street

I remember back in the days when I first started really getting in to food, dining out in Leederville was a common occurrence. Feasting on tapas at Duende, clinking cocktails at Kitsch and tucking in to continental rolls at…