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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Spotlight: Good Fortune Roasting House

In my eyes, one of the most magical ingredients to grace our palates is duck. Juicy, delicious, tender and oh so tasty pieces of slightly pink meat with crisp skin hugging a thin layer of fat. It’s glorious, and…

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Spotlight: Tak Chee

When you say the words chicken rice in Perth, it’s pretty synonymous with one place and one place only… Tak Chee House. From the outside it doesn’t immediately catch your eye like some Chinese restaurants in Northbridge with their…

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Spotlight: The Red Teapot

Sometimes when I tell people I’m half Taiwanese they don’t believe me. I guess because I’m tall and I don’t have particularly Asian features, it doesn’t quite click to people that my heritage is Chinese – and that it…

Henry Summer

Turning up the heat at Henry Summer

Friday lunches are the perfect excuse to escape work in my opinion – especially on days full of sunshine and the promise of a weekend ahead. And because I work with some really wonderful friends, its even more of…

Regular Coffee Company

My first brunch of 2018 at Regular Coffee Company

Carine is on the up and up. It’s already a gorgeous suburb that’s only a stone’s throw away from the beach, but it’s now starting to see more and more development. And with such progress comes new eateries like…

Buy West Eat Best

WA’s Top 5 Summer Seafood Finds

There’s nothing better than taking a deep dive into Western Australia’s vast and abundant oceans. And while cooling down with a swim might be on everyone’s mind this Summer, it’s the seafood that comes from our own shores that…

Paper Avenue

A lazy brunch at Paper Avenue

I’ve said it multiple times on this blog but I adore time with my fiancé. Just small things like going to the shops or having a casual meal, they speak volumes in my eyes (anyone else just get a…

The Resident

Taking up residence at The Resident

It’s no secret that going out for brunch is a favourite pastime of mine. Good lighting, a good way to start the day and good juice. Yep, that’s the secret to my success. And getting to try new places…

New Normal

A special engagement dinner at New Normal

When a new restaurant opens in Perth it can get a bit of fanfare regardless of it’s stature or offering. But when a great restaurant opens, that’s a whole other story. New Normal Bar + Kitchen opened its doors…