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Ari and Esmay

High tea at Ari & Esmay

It’s a little hole in the wall, blink and you’ll miss it cafe in East Freo – and yet Ari & Esmay is so much more.  Creator of beautiful cakes, slingers of coffee, and then there’s the high teas…

Pax and Co

Health is Wealth at Pax + Co

It’s a newcomer to the food scene in Perth, occupying the site that Health Freak formerly occupied in Mount Lawley on the Beaufort Street strip. One of good friends who owns The Wonder Co works on their marketing, and…

The Modern Eatery

Trying the new menu at The Modern Eatery

I’m a big fan of The Modern Eatery. I have been since they opened their doors in Fremantle and I discovered the delights of aburi salmon. Fast forward to me working in North Perth and UberEATSing said dish at…

Johnnys Burgers

Big things happening at Johnnys Burger Joint

When it comes to Johnny’s Burger Joint, only one word comes to mind. Big. That is true in the sense of big servings, big flavours and big personality. It’s not the closest venue for me to visit (Canning Vale),…

Canteen Pizza

Pizza and pinot at Canteen

Kicking off in April this year, Canteen Pizza have brought new life to Mondays with their pizza and pinot nights. After a weekend of hectic schedules, this is my kinda way to start the new week with discounted prices,…

Must Winebar

A classic remade: Must Winebar

In times where we’re seeing new restaurants open weekly, and old ones close their doors due to our current economic state, it’s almost unheard of for one to celebrate seventeen years of business. But then again, there’s nothing regular…

Ahi Poke

Poking around at Ahi Poke

Poke is on the rise here in Perth. And while it’s not the traditional style you’ll find gracing the shores of tropical Hawaii, our version is a healthier offering generally that has an abundance of vegetables and in some…

Market Grounds

Let’s Thursday Like Its Friday

There’s SO much happening in the City of Perth these days. Food festivals, events, special dinners… the list goes on and on. And now for the month of April and May, ‘Let’s Thursday Like It’s Friday’ is back! I…

Hampton and Maley

Super amused by Hampton & Maley

It’s slightly off the Vic Park beaten track, but newcomer Hampton & Maley has opened with more fanfare than most cafes tend to attract. And it’s no wonder considering it’s the brainchild of Hadleigh and Carolynne Troy formerly of…