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Getting to the Greek with Yefsi at Attika

Yefsi: Greek for flavour, and also the name of the cafe restaurant downstairs at Attika hotel in Northbridge. It’s not quite on the main restaurant drag, but it’s easy enough to spot and when I saw the menu I…


Trying Tsukaya: Japanese food with a Peruvian twist

I hate when people ask what my favourite cuisine is – because honestly, it seems to change each day. But what I do love, is trying new places and new flavour combinations because it can lead me to greatness.…

Panama Social

Neotropical dreams at Panama Social

A flurry of flashbacks and neotropical dreams. A soundtrack of food, drinks, music and colour. Panama Social is where you’ve gone and where you’re going – through Central America and back again. A mish-mash of tropical food and poolside…

Tim Ho Wan

Hong Kong’s Michelin Star Tim Ho Wan Opens in Perth

Tim Ho Wan was, until not too long ago, the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world. Since first opening in Hong Kong and attracting lines of people round the block waiting patiently for their famed dishes, it has…

The Bird

The launch of cellar doors at The Bird Mess Hall

Kicking off in late January 2019 is Cellar Door Sundays at The Bird Mess Hall in Northbridge. The guys here have teamed up with some of Australia’s best wineries to bring cellar doors out of wine country into the…

Troublemaker Burgers

Getting up to no good at Troublemaker Burgers

I think it’s no secret that I love burgers. I mean who doesn’t love a juicy patty, melted cheese, sauce, and a toasted bun? It’s the formula for a delicious meal, and so getting an invite to check out…

Open by Duotone

A final brunch for 2018 at Open by Duotone

2018 has been an utterly insane year for me, and one that I can only say has been transformative. It’s seen me move somewhat away from this hobby of dining and blogging, and really knuckle down with crazy hours…

Rice Baby

Celebrating Rice Baby’s 2nd Birthday

Is there anything better to celebrate than a birthday? And while I love cheering on a friend or loved one on their special day, it’s also pretty damn fun participating in a venue’s anniversary of opening too. And fun…


Christmas in the City of Perth

It’s December and beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Working in the City of Perth I’m pretty fortunate that it’s not just the shops and restaurants around me turning it on, but the city itself is alive with…