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Pax and Co

It’s a newcomer to the food scene in Perth, occupying the site that Health Freak formerly occupied in Mount Lawley on the Beaufort Street strip. One of good friends who owns The Wonder Co works on their marketing, and so it was a happy invitation for a girl gang brunch catch up at Pax + Co that led me to check it out so soon after they opened their doors. 

The food philosophy is simple – eat healthily, and strive for great taste and flavour. There’s no health fads , nor will there be a compromise on taste. The owners want to ensure that the food is healthy, but it has to be delicious.

And on both accounts it seems to be doing just that. 

Pax and Co

Pax and Co

Pax and Co

Catching up with Laura, Laura, Andjelka, Kira and Ai-Ling I am right at home with my fave foodies. These girls are who I love spending time with – and we all love, love, love eating. So after dissecting the menu we quickly ordered and food started hitting the table.

But first, for these girls, coffee. And for me, an almond chai with honey on the side instead of sugar. It was a chai that packed a punch! While normally my drink order of choice is difficult because it tends to be made too weak, or the almond milk becomes too watery. This one was the complete opposite – almost too spiced if I’m being honest but I’d take this version over an insipid one any day of the week. The honey was definitely needed though just to take some of the bite out of my sips.

My dish of choice was actually a more simple option despite the plethora of choices on offer. Feeling chilly from the rain outside, I opted for the huevos rancheros ($18.50) – a mixed spiced beans with poached egg, avocado, jalapeños, sour cream and toast. Perhaps not the most modern of plating, but who cares when something tastes good – and this did! 

The menu when I look at it now says tortillas, which I think is a much better substitute than the toast that I had. So good to see the team there are enhancing and tweaking as they go. That is the sign of a good venue. 

Pax and Co

Pax and Co

Pax and Co

Pax and Co

The girls orders included:

The sweet potato and zucchini patties ($16.50) served on a roast pepper puree with baby spinach, rocket, balsamic glaze, poached eggs and haloumi. 

Cauliflower rice nasi goreng ($17.00) with vegetables, brown rice, sweet soy, chilli, peanuts, lime and fried egg.

Red velvet pancakes ($17.50) made with beetroot and raspberry pancakes with maple syrup, berry compote, mascarpone and berries.

The patties were definitely healthy and fresh – though if I’m being completely honest I think that I would prefer crispy fritters instead. I’m a big sucker for texture after all. The cauliflower nasi goreng was another health focused dish, but had a good layering of flavour within. I really like cauliflower rice, it’s so light and fluffy but has that beautiful vegetable flavour so it’s a good combination.

But the standout – and I mean standout – was those red velvet pancakes. Super light, just sweet enough and brightened by the accompaniments. Gorgeous. Nothing about this made me long for traditional flour and sugar heavy pancakes. This was well balanced, especially with the use of nuts to bring out the more savoury notes. So good I ended up stealing a good chunk of the dish and polishing it off happily. 

Pax and Co

Yes, Pax + Co are doing seriously good for you food. The menu was developed and inspired by cooking for the owners family during medical issues – placing a priority on sustenance and flavour. While some people might long for your naughtier brunch dishes, those who want to feel like their nourishing their soul will really like this venue.

My tip? Definitely try those pancakes – I’ll be back for those soon I just loved them so much! And if you’re heading down in a group, an extra bonus is you can book tables. That is definitely a big win in my eyes since most brunch joints don’t let you do this. 

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