Post juice cleanse feasting at Sixteen Ounces

These days my Instagram feed tends to be overflowing with breakfast options out and about in Perth. I guess it’s the timeliness of what’s happening in our beautiful city, with sunny summer days beckoning us out of our downy beds and the comfort of air conditioning by way of luring us with tempting tastes. In winter it’s all about late night feasts, comfort food and braised meats that envelope you like a warm blanket. In summer though, breakfast is key and we seek delicious dishes but ones that are lighter or have a ‘healthier’ aspect (or illusion) to them. That is unless you feel the need for hollandaise, which I often do!  

One place that is synonymous with coffee and breakfast addicts is Sixteen Ounces in Victoria Park. I have to admit, it’s a venue that’s been on my radar for some time but it was only when my best friend Vee suggested we pay it a visit that we got around to dropping by. From outside looking in you can see it’s a place that offers immense eye candy in a kitschy but understated manner. I really like the aesthetic layout of this cafe.
Since their menu for breakfast carries into lunch we decided to meet at 12.30pm with our girlfriend Linda. I was actually surprised to see that it was only half full on the Saturday in question, but it worked in our favour and we quickly sat down and tackled the menu. 
The menu is short and sweet, something I much prefer to long, complicated ones. Because it’s a hot day we’re all after something cool to drink and the girls opt for a cold pressed orange juice each ($4.50) and I choose an organic lightly sparkling passionfruit soda ($4.50). All drinks go down a treat and we’re definitely pleased with the offerings – so much so  that I actually grab an orange juice to go which is cold, sweet and pulpy. This is my first meal out since doing a juice cleanse with Pure Glow, so i’m really excited to eat something tasty, and the drink gets me ready for the delicious food to come. 

Food wise it takes us a few minutes to choose with all of us narrowing down our choices. All three of us have two dishes we’re choosing between but once we bite the bullet we make our way up to the counter.

Linda’s opted for a lighter option from the memory with the avocado smash ($12.50) which features two thick cut slices of bread topped with avocado, feta, chia seeds and mint. It’s lovely and fresh, and I actually think it’s the best dish that’s ordered between us – it’s some classic flavours that work harmoniously together.

Vee is drawn to the baked chorizo hash when we spy it on a nearby table but ultimately goes for the mushroom hollandaise ($15.50). I’m pleasantly surprised by the prices here, I think they’re really reasonable compared to other breakfast/lunch venues which continue to creep up.

Her plate comes up with two thick cut slices of toast topped with avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with a generous pile of buttery mushrooms next to them. We both love mushrooms and are pleased to see how much they’ve given.

Sadly when Vee cuts into her eggs she discovers both of them are way overcooked to the point that the yolks inside have become completely set and have a slight ring of green around them. I tell her to ask for replacement but she was too hungry so begrudgingly made her way through the dish. When asking her how the overall dish was she said it was average compared to ours so I think she was regretting not ordering the baked chorizo hash after all that.

My dish was the bratwurst hollandaise ($16.80) with shaved parmesan, sauerkraut, bacon, greens and a poached egg on rye bread. There’s also a little lemon wedge and a lonely gherkin on the side to go with the meaty dish.

I know many people find rye quite boring but I love it and think it’s a nice divergence from the standard ciabatta offering. The bratwurst is cut in half and is tasty, working well with the sweet yet sour sauerkraut. Thankfully my egg is cooked perfectly, the yolk spilling out all over the other ingredients.

The promised greens of the dish turned out to be a couple sprigs of parsley so I think that description was a little amiss, and I would have loved to see more hollandaise on the plate than was provided – but then again I am a bit of a hollandaise fiend!

What I really liked about this dish was how different it is to anything I’ve had at other brekky spots. Diversity is the spice of life after all, and I love to try new innovations in the form of food – and German hot dog meets breakfast dish is a nice change of pace!

In true form to the three of us we spend the next couple of hours after our meal shopping and buying clothes we don’t need (but want). Once we’d digested enough we made our way to Inglewood with one destination in mind…. Sugar and Nice.
I’ve been here before but Vee was hanging out to try this place since it’s only around the corner from her house, and I am a big fan so I was happy to join. Linda initially told us she couldn’t make it but in the end happily joined us on another foodie adventure. 

Sugar and Nice is so beautiful inside, cute and funky. They had all kinds of delectable baked goods on offer that day, but Vee and I both had eyes only for the cronuts with mango and lime curd, white chocolate glaze, pistachios and raspberries. The cronuts are light and crisp on the outside, tart from the curd and sweet from the glaze. We both fall in love at first bite! I think more visits out to Sugar and Nice are on the cards since I spied on Instagram they also make a cookies and cream cronut!

To wash down my cronut I order a bottle of the rose lemonade. Usually I try to limit my carbonated drink intake to one a week, let alone two in one day! But there was something just so wonderful sounding about this drink that I knew I had to have it.

…it did not disappoint. Lightly bubbly, pretty in pink and full of rose flavour goodness. I am now officially hooked on this drink and can’t wait to go back and have it again.

To our surprise Linda actually forgoes the sweet treats and opts for a rye pumpkin seed bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. It’s toasted on the inside, offering a crisp edge and soft, fluffy centre. The cream cheese is delicious – flavoursome, umami-rich and perfectly seasoned. I enjoy it so much I actually get a couple to go for Jeremy and I to enjoy for breakfast the next day. Mmm-mmm!

What a perfect day out with my girls – and the perfect way to feast after a juice cleanse. Perhaps it may have reversed all the good my cleanse did, but it was worth it!

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    15 February 2015 at 8:44 am

    Oh my gee that cronut! No wonder everyone is talking about this place so much!!

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    15 February 2015 at 9:30 am

    The cronuts are amaze! I actually went back today for more haha

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