Rockefeller + Kuld Creamery: new kids on the Highgate block

Having just come back from travelling overseas I’ve got that itch to get away again. My partner Jeremy and I are settling back in to life as we know it, but we’ve got one eye on the sales overseas… and we’re excited to pick where next. So far it’s looking like America is a strong contender. So this served as a bit of inspiration when heading out one weekend for an impromptu Sunday lunch date – sending us to Rockefeller, a New York deli which is in the building previously inhabited by Highgate Drink & Dine and Ace Pizza.

Stepping inside the fit out is a complete 180. Bright whites, simple wood and just slight shades of green are a far cry from it’s former interiors. It actually has a real American feel to it, and the menu boasts food items well suited. Drinks include filter coffee, juice, soda pops from NY and more. 

With my love of cherries, the black cherry Boylan Soda ($6.50) was an easy choice of beverage. Sweet but only just, it was delicious and thirst quenching. Boylan Sodas have been bottled in New York since 1891, so it looks like they have quite a long lineage of success under their belt. 

The food menu is extensive but not overly complicated. It’s broken down into short sections like eggs, bagels, light, sandwiches, meat and fish, noshes, salads, sides and desserts. 

While I was really interested in some items like the latkes (potato pancakes) and the slow eggs with pastrami, in the end we both decided to try their sandwich offerings. All come to the table fully stacked with 200g of meat (100g of fish) and served with house made crisps and pickles.


Jeremy was quick to decide on the smoked salmon bagel ($21.00) with pickled onion, fresh tomato and cream cheese. The bagel is made in a traditional manner, baked daily and served fresh. It’s a generous portion size, and he was quick to demolish every crumb on the plate.

The care in the bread was evident, and the crisps offered some texture between bites of the sandwich. While I prefer pickles in things and not so much on their own, Jeremy really enjoyed munching away at this monster which was sour, crunchy and obviously carefully perfected to be a star in it’s own right.



The reuben sandwich ($22.00) was definitely calling my name. Filled with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing, it was spilling out of the bread and was a generous heaping. 

First off let’s talk about that beef. I grew up on corned beef (didn’t we all?) and it’s something that triggers waves of nostalgia in me. However I’m used to it being a bit more pink than this version so when I first spied it in my sandwich I was worried it would be tough. I definitely shouldn’t have bothered because it was ridiculously tender. Ribbons of fat occasionally accompanied the meat and brought another level of flavour. And that sauerkraut was a match made in heaven. 

There’s a reason why this is a classic combination, and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to order it again. My only wish is that there was slightly more of that Russian dressing because it tasted good! 

While there were some dessert options to consider on Rockefeller’s menu we were both feeling super full. So instead we called it there and trotted a few doors down to check out the new ice-cream joint, Kuld Creamery. I had no idea it was actually someone I knew who had opened it! So it was wonderful to catch up with owner Kaitlyn and hear all about how they were going. 

And of course, we had to try some of their wares too!

Kuld Creamery

Kuld Creamery

Kuld Creamery is a small little hole in the wall, basically taking up a tiny laneway next to Blacksmith. They’re churning out six flavours each week, with the most popular so far being burnt marshmallow and lemon. Since the weather has been roasting lately they only had three flavours left for us to choose from, but they were all delicious and unique. 

As much as I love gelato, it’s great to see a proper ice-cream venue open up in Perth. It’s a much colder, creamier product and definitely reminds me of the good old days where a trip to Freo always resulted in some Simmos. 

While chatting away Jeremy had the beetroot with fudgy beet choc brownie, and I had the peach cobbler. You always know when something is delicious if we’re a bit lost for words – and that was the case here. Not overly sweet like some desserts can be, these were a welcome treat on a hot day and a great introduction to the new venue. 

So it seems our little Sunday adventure really paid off. Two new Highgate eateries and both impressive in their offering. I’m looking forward to trying more of what they have on offer in the future!


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