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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have to agree – it’s definitely the priority in my books. There’s something about starting a new morning with some gooey eggs, a creamy hollandaise sauce or a dish that knocks my socks off. It’s no secret I love brunching seeing as I’m usually out and about indulging every week, but finding new venues or new dishes that blow me away is getting harder and harder.

In October I was treated by the team at Cathedral Square to a tour and taste of Petition Kitchen over lunch one day. It was a truly impressive meal, and one that left me quite excited to return back for brunch soon after. It wasn’t long before the chance came, with Richele (@_rrated) and I keen to have a long overdue catchup one Saturday morning recently. (Yes this blog is slightly late in being written!)

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Arriving at Petition it was about half full, with tables easy to secure. While I had no doubt the food would be delicious based on my lunch experience, I think going into the city is not quite what most people like to do on weekends compared to the burbs. After all, parking cost about half my meal!

However not letting that deter us, we threw ourselves into looking over the menu (after ordering a freshly squeezed orange juice to get me started – $6.00 and absolutely delicious). There were so many tasty things to consider – like pikelets with grilled peach (YUM), chorizo with morcilla hash… ahhh my mind was boggling.

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In the end the torched ocean trout with pea salad, slow egg and rye ($17.00) was too irresistible not to choose. After all, there’s something about a slow egg that gets me a bit giddy in the head (it romances me like a great slow dance) – and torched fish, well that is always a win. The subtle flash of fire on fish flesh leaves it slightly smoky, with a melt in your mouth texture.

For the price it was a small serving size, which is something that seems to be consistent throughout the menu. People who like big servings for breakfast, this probably isn’t the place for you – unless you’re happy to forgo size in return for flavour (which I was on that occasion). 

I was so pleased with this dish. The egg was seductively oozy, the yolk slinking out onto the vibrant pea and spring onion salad. Word of warning: as tasty as this dish is, I had some serious spring onion breath after! Bring mints. Or do as I did… get something sweet afterwards.

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Richele’s choice of the incredibly vibrant smoked sardines on toast with tomato escabeche, marjoram and salted lemon ($16.00) elicited a slight thread of longing in me! Food envy always strikes, but it’s just a reason to come back and order it for yourself.

I loved seeing something like this on the menu – the colours, and the beautiful Spanish influence. This is a dish you could see at a little tapas bar, one to enjoy with a glass of red wine. And yet somehow, it works so well at breakfast time too. It’s fresh, punchy and well balanced. A zingy way to refresh your tastebuds!

Isn’t it wonderful when you have a really great meal somewhere, and you return at a different time to be just as impressed? I can only say great things about Petition Kitchen… it’s now won me over twice!

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And of course because both of us suffer from a sweet tooth, after we finished up at Petition we headed downstairs to the newly opened sweets emporium… Sugarplum Sweets, The Honeycake and Sue Lewis Chocolatier all sharing one space.

I nabbed up a packed of the caramelised milk chocolate with hazelnuts for me, the dark chocolate with chilli for Jeremy (both from Sue Lewis and ridiculously tasty – there’s a reason why she is my go to place for decadent chocolate treats) and of course, a peanut brittle cronut to share later on at home. The cronut was jam packed with icing and was unfortunately too sweet for both myself and my boy. The actual dough itself though was a nice texture, light and airy – and I loved how much peanut flavour there was. If they toned down how much icing there was I think it would be a more enjoyable dessert.

However after scraping off a little, it was just the right kind of sweet ending for another trip out to Petition Kitchen. 

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    22 February 2016 at 2:18 pm

    This looks BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been meaning to try Petition kitchen since it opened. The food looks glorious but I’ve always had bad luck in arriving during busy periods (darn it!). I’ve been to the Beer corner, Halfords and the wine bar a few times already though; each has been a very positive experience. I had no idea there was a sweets emporium downstairs, I must give it a go! x

    • Reply
      27 February 2016 at 5:43 pm

      It was just plain beautiful! We should all organise a brekkie date there sometime to make our way round the different venues 😉

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