Soaking up sunshine at Toast

Breakfast is the new black. Gone are the days of going out for lunch or dinners – breakfast is where its at. And Toast was one of the first places I went – somewhere I continue to go every couple of months.

What I like about Toast is (1) they have an outdoor area that allows you to sit by the river in East Perth and soak up some amazing sunshine (2) they give you adorable rubber ducks on a stick when you’re waiting in line (3) if you bring your dog down on the leash they’ll sit you outside and bring a bowl of water for them, and (4) they have a section on the menu of items that are unique to Toast. 

While I’ve tried a few items on the menu, I do tend to gravitate towards one particular dish – the corn fritters. On my last trip here, Carly followed suit, getting one on the side of her eggs benedict (see below). Yes fritters are on the minds of us all, probably because of me!

They offer them in two ways – one with bacon and maple syrup, and the other the option I opt for. Fritters with two perfectly poached eggs (that ooze out a rich yolk the moment you pop it with your fork), fresh mountains of avocado and a river of creamy hollandaise sauce ($17.50). I always get an extra side of feta (surprise surprise) to accompany the meal but it isn’t necessary – just greed inspired. 

The fritters used in this dish are mainly corn held together with various forms of starch, yet they maintain a crumbliness that indicates fresh ingredients when dissected to eat. The corn itself is sweet and juicy; popping in your mouth with gusto. Like a seductress calling you over it beckons to continue to be devoured. And while the hollandaise is an ingredient which makes you feel guilty, it is made with expertise. It hasn’t curdled, it isn’t watery or overly buttery. It’s thick and glossy and decadently delicious. Mixed in with the farm fresh eggs and ripe avocado, its at home. 

On this particular occasion, Jeremy’s gone for the potato, mint and feta pancakes. They’re piled high with smoked salmon and poached eggs with a nice slathering of sour cream and chives on top, and a lemon wedge on side ($17.90).

It’s another dish that’s unique to Toast and has a soft, unobtrusive taste that resonates pleasantly on the palate. It isn’t earth shattering, but it tastes nice and Jeremy’s happy with his smoked salmon. And more so than that, with the mounds of sour cream that are hidden amongst the eggs. It adds an unexpected bite to the dish and when I snake a forkful for myself, I make sure I add on extra because there’s not many occasions where you get sour cream for breakfast. Yummy!

We washed down our food with a freshly squeezed orange juice each (that actually was what it said it was, not from a bottle but blended there and then behind the counter). It was tart and pulpy, cooled down with just enough ice to not make it watery. 

And sitting outside in the sunshine, I couldn’t help but really marvel at how much I love Toast. I love the location, love the food and love the fact that on a sunny Autumn day I can sit outside with my dog at my feet, and really appreciate some great flavours that have me coming back time and time again.

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