Spoilt by my love at Nobu

When I first heard Nobu was extending its way to Perth, I knew I wanted to eat here. Fusion Japanese is just the type of food that gets me extremely excited and salivating at just the thought. But I also knew that I wanted to wait for a special occasion to eat here. Cue my birthday and Jeremy’s series of plans which thankfully included dinner at Nobu.

We got dressed up for the occasion. I know that the reviews all say its awash with miners and “cashed up bogans” but on this night in question, no such people were around. And it was packed out.

The ambiance here is wonderful. The carpet soft and the lighting low. The staff all greet you as you’re escorted to your table, which is a great and friendly way to start your experience here.

Our waitress was amazing, explaining that this is a shared dish dining experience – which is the philosophy that Jeremy and I tend to live by when we eat anyway. She breaks down the menu, offering her advice on the best way to order so that we get to try enough of what they have available.

We start our meal with special cold dishes. The spicy miso chips with tuna ($14) was definitely the best for the night for me. It’s the best combination of textures – really fresh, fleshy tuna with the crunch of the chips they’re rolled on top of. And the spicy miso sauce, well that is something out of this world. It ties the entire dish together, and makes me wish we’d ordered another serving.

Next up we went for the lobster and wagyu tacos ($10 each). Excuse the bad photo the lighting wasn’t the best, but don’t let that distract you from my rave review. The lobster was extremely fresh, the wasabi and mayonnaise on top soaking into the meat happily like it was meant to be there all along. 

The crunch of the taco shell is a nice counter texture to the softness of the seafood meat. The wagyu is so tender. It’s packed full of flavour and a nice homeage to the fusion element of this restaurant. It is a little expensive for the size of the tacos, but the taste is still one that makes you swoon with enjoyment and forget the price tag for this little bite sized dish. 

From there with smiling faces, we move onto the hot dishes.

First up is the scallops with wasabi pepper. It’s a different dish visually to the others which have more flare, but the flavours are still true. It’s a generous serving of scallops with a plethora of vegetables. Seared asparagus and mushrooms with the odd slice of capsicum. It’s a dish that is saucy and sweet and has that real wow factor. I could see myself eating this with a warm bowl of rice and being completely satisfied.

We choose a hot dish which is on the specials list. Soft shell crab in a ginger miso sauce and cubes of watermelon ($32). This is another of my favourites for the night. The watermelon is so so sweet, the soft shell crab crunchy and a great combination of textures. It’s visually impressive like they all are, and I’m eating at an almost unhealthy speed because it’s so enjoyable. 
Because my best friend Carly has highly recommended the prawn tempura, we know that we need to order this. However we didn’t ask her to specify which one – which we soon discovered when we realised there were at least five different versions on the menu. We choose the prawn butter ponzu tempura ($24). It’s incredible. Jeremy’s dish of the day. 
The prawns are fleshy and the batter light. The butter ponzu zingy and sparkles in your mouth. It’s a dish of pure enjoyment. 

We finish up our mains with an eel and avocado sushi roll ($15). Like everything else it’s delicious, but nothing too different from your standard eel sushi elsewhere. But the sauce is light and the staff very kindly tell us when serving that we shouldn’t need to add soy sauce because the eel sauce is plentiful enough. 

Like all good meals, our night finishes with dessert. And because it is very much our dining style, we decide to continue the sharing process. 
First up is the miso cappuccino with vanilla ice cream and cappuccino foam ($15). The waiter recommends for the desserts we take a spoonful from top to bottom to maximise the taste experience. We obviously follow this and I can see why he’s suggested it. The form is a light coffee flavour that isn’t overpowering. The ice cream beautifully creamy and full of vanilla bean. And then at the bottom is a ground collection of chocolate and coffee cookie. It might not have looked impressive, but it was stunning. 

Our meal finishes with the ichigo pannacota with yuzu granita and lychee ($15). The strawberry pannacotta was sweet and creamy, set just right so it still retained some wobble. The yuzu granita was sour and icy cold, a nice contrast in my mouth. And the lychee, well that was like finding a prize at the bottom. Very delicious and a fun surprise even though I knew it was coming. It was a cleansing finish to an incredible meal.

Did I love Nobu? Yes. Don’t listen to the rubbish reviews by people who can’t be just happy when something new and amazing comes to Perth. Nobu is exciting and innovative. The flavours are crafted by people who understand food and the combination of textures would make the Masterchef judges weep with joy. It’s an experience, one that I know I will be back for again.

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