Sweet, savoury and soft Superstar Waffles

I’m faced with a dilemma.  I’ve discovered a new dessert cafe in Northbridge and I can’t choose between two amazing dishes to order at this waffle house.

On one hand there is the peanut butter mousse waffle with crumbled oreo cookies that commenters are saying reminds them of a Reeces peanut butter cup (my favourite chocolate). And then there’s the s’mores waffles which instantly has me imaging snacking on these American campfire treats with a strange nostalgia.

Somehow, despite my love of all peanut butter desserts, I go for the s’mores.

It’s a crispy waffle that’s soft in the centre and deliciously light even though it is traditionally a heavier, doughy food item. It’s smothered in marshmallow fluff and a spoonful of Nutella. There’s a blob of extremely airy cream and a scoop of vanilla icecream (an extra $1 – this place has not been Perthised in prices yet!). A scattering of graham cracker crumbs sit on the plate with a cute little shotglass of mini marshmallows.

It’s a sweet and decadent dessert that I’m instantly rapt in. The presentation is cute and the smell is deeply sugary. It’s drawing me in by wafting under my nose.

Jeremy’s gone for the traditional waffles, also with a scoop of vanilla icecream. I think I actually turn and say to him, ‘how vanilla of you’ which we both laugh at. There is not much to choose from here but it all sounds great so I’m surprised by the simplicity of his choice.

It sits in tact on the plate; perfect squares of crispy edged batter that makes this look like your American waffles rather than the kind you get at Gelare or can make at home. 
Once again the presentation is something a little different than expected, with maple syrup sitting inside a shot glass. It’s poured out with ease and drips down the sides of the dessert as Jeremy goes ahead and drizzles it all over before tucking in. 
Since we’ve stumbled upon this place online by accident, we’re both pretty happy with how it tastes. Since they basically only serve waffles and accompanying drinks, it’s important that their waffle recipe is right. And it is. It has both a savoury and sweet element to the taste; and an equally exciting combination of crunchy and soft textures. 
It’s a fun, childlike dessert venue that won’t cost you all your hard earned dollars like most places in this mining boom town. Tuck in already, you’re sure to love it!

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