Swirls of spaghetti at Francoforte

Don’t you agree that the best kind of catch ups are over food? These days this feels like my life philosophy (with some couch lazing with friends or trips to the flower market) and it feels good! I love discovering new restaurants or returning to old favourites with one of my close friends – you know the company is going to be perfect regardless.

Most of my friends are currently in Europe for one of my good friend Jay’s wedding which we’re sadly not able to make it to, much to my disappointment. The last to jet set off is my best friend Vee. Coupling my desire to see her before she departed, was the fact that it was her birthday last week. A catch up was needed for sure!

Giving the birthday girl some options to choose from, she was quick to select Francoforte Spaghetti Bar in Northbridge opposite Superstar Waffles. It was a rainy, freezing cold night so pasta definitely felt in order!

Cartdriver’s pasta
Cartdriver’s pasta

Arriving at 6pm there were already a couple diners inside but definitely room for us so we piled in, shed our layers and dove straight into menu dissecting. Everything looked amazing. A decent spread of spaghetti dishes that are available in small or large size – with the prices as low as $13 for the smalls. I already know I’m going to like it here just based on the decent costs. Here’s hoping the food is as good!

For her dinner Vee chooses the large cartdriver’s pasta which has porcini and portobello funghi, tuna, onion and tomato. There’s a liberal coating of parmesan and cracked black pepper, and the smell emanating from the plate is mouth watering.

The look she gives me after one bite says it all – it’s delicious. I dive in and note the really robust and traditional flavours are well balanced, punchy and extremely moorish. While the pasta is not homemade, it’s cooked al dente and has a nice lightness to each bite. It’s not dense or doughy, though we both realise as we continue eating that a large serving was a bit too ambitious for us!

Guanciale carbonara

Guanciale carbonara

I predictably pick the guanciale carbonara which has cured pigs cheek, parmesan and pecorino cheese. Looking at other photos after dinner of Urbanspoon I’m thinking perhaps they forgot my cheese? On the night I couldn’t remember if it came with it, so I went to the counter and ordered some parmesan cheese which they provide in a small bowl for $1 extra. It definitely made all the difference!

Pre-parmesaning my pasta the taste is nice albeit a little bland if you don’t get any of the pigs cheek. However the magic is when you get that incredibly salty, oily and fatty meat that melts in your mouth and makes you want to renounce anything you love just to keep eating it in exchange. It’s incredible! And once I add the parmesan onto my pasta, it all starts to come together. Salty, a little creamy from the egg yolk, and the occasional crunch from the meat. Very yummy!

I really like that they accompany the pasta dishes with a chunk of fresh bread – perfect for mopping up any sauces pooling at the bottom of the plate. It’s a great touch, and one that you really do admire considering the prices they charge are very decent (when it comes to our great city and the cost of produce).

While we make pasta at home quite often, sometimes it is really nice to leave it to the chefs so you can take a night off, relax and eat some yummy comfort food without breaking the bank. This place is a hidden gem.

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