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East Perth

Bistro Bellavista

Pizza, pasta and pizzazz at Bistro Bellavista

It’s a big corner restaurant in East Perth that I’ve driven past countless times – and yet somehow never even realised it was there. Bistro Bellavista is unassuming on the outside, but inside it’s light, airy and lush with…


A return to Restaurant Amuse

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to head back in to AmusΓ© for what seems like forever (especially since lately there’s been unconfirmed rumours its closing its doors in 2017. I’m hoping and praying this isn’t so!). Finally a…

Chef Hire

Learning modern cooking techniques at Chefhire Atelier

Remember the good old days when cooking consisted of some grilled steak with three different veggies on the side? Well not taking anything away from those simplistic times (hey, I love a good steak dinner still), these days more…