Tak Chee, home of chicken rice

If San Churros is the place for churros then Tak Chee is the place for chicken rice. This place is famous among those who treasure Singapore’s (unofficial) national dish. If you love Hainan chicken, you need to get there ASAP. But be warned, it’s a tiny little place and more often than not its completely full.

Despite the freezing temperature outside my friend Junior and I decided to brave the cold and go for a mid-week mid-day mid-work catch up over his go to dish.

You walk inside and it might not be much to the eye but boy does it smell good. Heavy scents of ginger and broth; spices and chilli. Its intoxicating and mouthwatering. Before you even taste the food you can see the eager gusto that all patrons are digging in with – and it makes you want to do the same.

Because Junior goes so often the staff there know him and we were offered “the usual” which was the steamed chicken rice in a leg piece. No menu needed here, its what they do best and its what I highly recommend you get.

The food is quick to be served which is a bonus when you’re escaping work for a rushed lunch. I almost forgot to take a photo it looked so amazing when it was set down that I was close to digging in straight away.

The chicken is served in a light and delicate broth, with bean shoots sitting underneath and spring onion on top. The broth is a good balance of flavours and when you dunk the chicken in the accompanying chilli next to it you’re transported to a world so exotic that you almost forget you’re in public. It feels sinful – like it must be so bad for you because it tastes so good.

The chilli is sweet for the most part but has a nice level of heat as the aftertaste. The clear stock soup that accompanies is perfect for spooning onto the fragrant rice (a habit Junior has taught me). It has spring onions throughout the soup which I love eating for that burst of intense taste.

The combination of textures adds another level to eating here and I find the serving portions a decent size considering the meal costs under $10.

Yes I love Tak Chee House. And after you go there, you will too.

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