Taking on and taking away Comida do Sul

The food truck revolution seems to be sweeping throughout Perth, with more and more emerging and frequenting popular spots such as the City of Perth Twilight Markets and the Cultural Centre. This progression is exciting for diners and foodies, with cuisines and specialties arising which they might not normally easily access.

It also offers a convenient and cheap alternative to what is affectionately, or rather scornfully, known as ‘Perth Prices’.

It was a nice hot day when I wandered through Perth Cultural Centre on my way to the city for a nail appointment on my lunch break (gotta treat yourself when you can!). Walking back to work I made a pitstop to check out the food trucks on offer. There was the standard Ben & Jerry’s one, the famous Jumplings (Japanese dumplings) and Comida do Sul.

Comida do Sul is a Brazilian food truck which I’ve heard pretty rave reviews about from one of the girls at work. When I studied their menu, I noticed they have three core items with vegetarian versions of a couple of them.

There’s Coxinhas which are fried balls of mashed potato with shredded chicken throughout. I’ll definitely be getting this next time because it sounds amazing. There’s also Choripan, which are Chorizo hotdogs and Prato Feito ($12), which is what I decided on for my lunch that day after a big internal debate in my head. That chorizo was calling my name longingly!

The prato feito dish is made up of salty steak strips, fried yam, crumb, rice, black beans, tomato and red onion salsa and kale. It might not look especially pretty, but trust me the smell that was wafting out of the container as I quickly trotted back to the office, was almost tortuous.

For those on the run, a word of warning – this order takes about 10 or so minutes to cook up. But if you’re not in a hurry, then by all means indulge in this delightful brazilian steak.

The steak is cooked medium rare, a nice juicy pink centre and slightly crisp outside. I love the crumb that you can dip each piece in, with the texture that enhances the juicy flavours. The rice is fluffy and works well with the tasty black beans.

There’s a great combination of textures and sweet vs savoury flavours. The use of kale works really well here, the fresh green complimenting the other ingredients.

The best part of all are the yam chips, which are starchy, crisp and so moorish. I only wish there was more than just a couple of them! (But that’s the greedy fried-things loving side of me.)

So all up, my verdict on Comida do Sul… amazing! I really enjoyed trying out this Brazilian food, especially as they sell La Paleta salted caramel icecream. Nothing better than dessert before the meal! It was a tasty, creamy treat to indulge in midday, mid-week.

I’m sure I’ll be visiting this truck again soon, particularly spurred by the desire to try those fried potato balls. Yum!

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  • Reply
    9 December 2013 at 1:41 pm

    The food truck revolution is such great progress for Perth. Tried this place at the twilight markets in Perth, the chorizo hotdog is really damn good

  • Reply
    Queen of Bad Timing
    10 December 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Good to know! I think it's set up near my work at least once a week so I might just have to try that next time 🙂

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