Hong Kong

Little Bao

Hong Kong. It’s a melting pot of delicacies, an over-stimulating potion of sights, scents and tastes. I always enjoy my time here: from wandering the streets of Kowloon, to trekking up the hills in Soho, to dining on roasted meats and baked treats. 

Some holidays here send me on the ferry to Macau, for Portuguese delights and a mesh of cultural experiences. Others, I hide away in my hotel for lazy lie ins, only to emerge when my rumbly tummy gets the better of me. 

There’s so much to see and do. And believe it or not, for many of my trips here I’ve put the camera away and just enjoyed being away. But there were a couple of places I couldn’t resist sharing – like my go to place for peking duck at Peking Garden or the ever funky joints Little Bao and Yardbird.

The latter two are ones I can’t stop raving about – and if you’re headed to Hong Kong make sure you check them out for yourself. They’re incredible, ridiculously tasty and so much fun to make a night out of it.