Kettle Black
When it comes to holidaying in Australia, for many years Sydney was my go to. I loved the nightlife and the shopping and the general bustling nature of this iconic city. But as I got older, Melbourne has become my go to domestic destination for many reasons – but most of all, for the food.

I’ve ticked off some of the big guns while visiting. Most notably, trying Ben Shewry’s famed fine dining venue Attica. I’ve tried the share dining gems Chin ChinCumulus IncMamasita, Mr MiyagiMovida Bar de Tapas and Spice Temple, which have demonstrated to me why they are powerhouses and continue to be popular hot spots. 

Brunch, like in Perth, seems to offer the most beautiful plates around town. From the likes of The Hardware SocieteL’atelier by Monsieur Truffe, Industry Beans, and the Kettle Black – there’s so many instagram worthy dishes that actually taste amazing too. 

Other joints I’ve visited during my Melbourne trips include Royal StacksByblosLa Belle MietteLindt CafeSoda Rock and The Cellar Bar Grossi Florentino. There’s more to add to this list, but these are the notable ones which I’ve shared on my blog. And my wish list for Melbourne… well that continues to grow longer and longer!