Taipei for me is a place that I have a great emotional connection with. My mother is born and raised in Taiwan, with most of her family still residing there.

As a child I spent many of my school holidays exploring the streets there and feasting on local delicacies.

Going home is both pleasurable and painful. It’s hard to see my grandparents only every few years, and to know that there’s a big part of my cultural heritage that I haven’t fully immersed myself in. As I get older I worry more and more that I’m losing that side of me. But it still means so much. And finally I’ve managed to put together a travel diary from my trip there in April 2017.

My family there are all foodies. And friends of the family are part of the restaurant industry. There’s my mum’s best friend who owns an amazing little Chinese restaurant that put on a banquet fit for a queen when I visit. 

Then there’s the ridiculous night scene, filled with markets begging to be discovered and street food to be eaten. So many tourists in Taipei just dine at the markets, and I don’t blame them! The quality of bites is pretty phenomenal.

But there’s also a raging Japanese scene, thanks to the influx of immigrants. And it really impresses. Delicate sashimi cuts, buttery sea urchin, smokey torched rice… I love Japanese food – and here it is as good as I’ve had in Japan itself. Check out my the battle of the omakase post I’ve shared on my blog on three of the venues I’ve visited.