Unleashing the hotdog beast at Run Amuk

Over a year ago, I found out about a place in Fremantle that was owned by the same people from Missy Moos Burgers. Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed is a very cute little eatery on South Terrace that boasts amazing menu offerings and a funky decor that includes Where’s Wally puzzles printed on the tables and a collection of miniature cars pasted to the wall.

I don’t make it here that often, but Saturday night found Jeremy and I lazing around home and unable to decide what to eat. So instead of staying somewhere close, we decided to go for a nice drive in the cool night air down the coast to Fremantle. After all, if you’ve been to Run Amuk, you know too just how phenomenal they are.

We arrived at around 7.30pm and the place was absolutely pumping. There’s limited seating so we consider taking our food away and sitting outside, but a table quickly becomes available for us. Talk about meant to be!

We gaze at the menu hungrily; our greedy eyes scanning the options. We’re both keen to order something different than we’ve had before so I toss up between The Punk and Tom Foolery, finally deciding on the latter which comes from the ‘Get Unleashed’ menu.

The Tom Foolery has a one chilli rating to it, and features a premium bratwurst, punchy tamarind chutney, aged cheddar, diced pink lady apple and baby spinach ($11.50). It comes out sitting nicely in it’s funky little grooves of what looks like iron sheeting. The toppings are plentiful, a mountain that sits on top enticingly.

The bun is crusty on the outside but really soft inside. The bratwurst inside is so juicy and delicious; the skin pops with my first bite and that flavoursome pork really comes to life. I love (love, love, love) the tamarind chutney which has the slightest hint of heat to it and has the most amazing sweet and sour flavour profile. The apples on top offer a great change in texture and added taste – it’s so yummy.

Jeremy chooses his hotdog from the ‘Dogs on Fire’ menu – the Rukus. It has a two chilli rating and includes a bratwurst, chilli and lime sambal, crispy prosciutto, spinach, aged cheddar, sour cream and jalapenos ($13).

Like my hotdog, it’s a food mountain, complete with the most amazing looking toppings. He looks completely at home as he’s eating it and I have to admit from my one bite, I love it. In particular the prosciutto and the sambal make this one to definitely try!

We share a side of Fries ($3.50) with Spicy Cajun Aioli ($1.50) dipping sauce. The fries are shoestring, which we both love because you don’t find them that often. The aioli is full of spices and really flavoursome. They compliment the fries perfectly and I really like the serving size for the price. It’s a really different sauce than you usually find.

For our drinks I choose (predictably) the cherry coke and Jeremy gets the house lemonade. It’s lemon and ginger flavoured and comes to the table frothy and ice cold. As a ginger addict, he absolutely loves this and I have to say though it’s not a favourite flavour of mine, I do really like it.

Though we’re both happily sated with our dinner, we can’t help but spy that Run Amuk have a dessert offering on their menu. The Knickerbockerglory ($7). And after seeing it delivered to another table, we both quickly agree that we’d like to share one. Yum!

It comes out as the most childlike and playful sundae I’ve seen. Deliciously creamy vanilla icecream, strawberry jelly, cream, nuts, chocolate fudge sauce and m&ms. Seriously, this is a dessert that cannot go wrong and we both dive in like we’re kids. Tastes great, especially that jelly! And it’s the perfect way to finish off our fun, tasty and very reasonably priced night out.

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