WAAPA is the new whopper at Grindhouse

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Okay I’m going to be completely honest with you… I have a bit of a soft spot for a whopper with cheese. As much as I love home cooking, or restaurant dishes made from chefs or cooks with a passion for food – when I’m hungover I just can’t go past a good, old-fashioned HJs burger. The saucier and cheesier, the better.

So when I heard about my actual favourite burger joint Short Order Burger Co holding a pop-up at ECU’s Grindhouse Café to celebrate international burger day, I was already pretty excited. Then the cherry on top… they were releasing a one day only ode to my hangover cure – their version called the WAAPA. Yes, those clever kids were not just pumping out a quality burger with flavours of nostalgia, they were also nodding to ECU’s neighbour – WAAPA. Bravo.

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The Grindhouse takeover was held on a Saturday, meaning it was easy to get parking by the uni and that it was perfectly acceptable for me to venture here for brunch. I have no issues at all slaying burgers at 10am, and the moment I walked in I could smell the overwhelmingly deliciousness that is Short Order. Some of my favourite eating friends were there for the ride, and between us all I think most of the menu was ordered!

The WAAPA (with cheese for me of course) was a reasonable price of $13.00. Shiny and squishy toasted brioche bun, housemade beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese and special sauce. It was delicious! Could have used with a touch more seasoning, but then again I do like things on the saltier side – a repercussion I think from eating out in restaurants too much…

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28-05 Grindhouse WAAPA 17

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The accompanying side of fries ($5.00) were thin, perfectly seasoned and a good mix of soft potato chips and the satisfyingly crunchy ones I usually seek out. A good amount for the price, and just right to share between a couple of us.

My dining companions ranged in their orders from the double WAAPA with cheese ($15.00), the bbq bacon cheeseburger ($14.00) and the mac and cheese loaded fries ($8.00). The latter was probably my least favourite – just a little bit dry but given the quantity they were pumping out it doesn’t surprise me. They were packed! With a good liberal squeeze of sriracha they were back on track flavour wise to deliver.

28-05 Grindhouse WAAPA 07

28-05 Grindhouse WAAPA 05

28-05 Grindhouse WAAPA 15

What a fun way to celebrate International Burger Day (and please the inner cravings I try to ignore that call for a burger at 10 in the morning). I love seeing these types of events pop up around Perth which celebrate food, offer limited edition menu items and just take a bit of creative licence while still delivering quality produce. There’s a good reason why Short Order is my fave place for burgers – they just consistently deliver time and time again.

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