Warming my soul at Tasik

There is something truly warming to the soul about a good meal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (as my dad would say). There is something even more warming about Tasik.

It’s an indonesian restaurant situated doors down from the likes of The Shed and The Deen – not exactly a location you would expect to find really amazing food. But I guess that just shows, you should never make assumptions.

From the outside and even in, it’s humble in appearance and homely. Decorated in indonesian artwork and tablecloths and the walls showcase photos of family and friends. It’s like eating in someone’s house and I think that’s just part of the charm.

This is a halal, family owned restaurant that is true to its indonesian roots. The menu makes me want to sing with happiness at the selection of delicious, flavoursome items and the prices… well they make me almost as happy.

Jeremy and I have had a long and extremely busy week. So with our stomachs rumbling a little aggressively, we made our way to Northbridge, knowing that Tasik was where we wanted to be. No booking and it was busy, but we managed to get seated right next to the heater inside which was perfect considering the bitingly cold air outside.

It didn’t take us long to order, with both of us knowing that we wanted (no needed) nasi goreng. It has to be the best thing this place does. And yes some might argue that it’s quite a simple dish but they’re wrong. This has complexity of flavours and spices; of textures and of scents. It’s aromatic and mouth-water inducing.

Like always, we made sure we at least ordered something a bit different, with Jeremy opting for the nasi goreng kamping. A lamb fried rice with satay skewers on the side. The sauce over the lamb is thick and plentiful and immediately I’m jealous. I can’t help but steal a bite, savouring the peanut goodness in my mouth. Heaven.

My dish is only slightly different but still follows our rule, its the nasi goreng ayam special is my favourite indonesian dish anywhere that I’ve had. It’s basically the same as Jeremy’s but instead of the lamb, I have the most crunchy, succulently moist chicken with my rice.

The rice itself is so good, I actually can’t describe it. It sends me straight to Malaysia or Indo, eating on the street and breathing in the heedy smells. The egg is fried in a perfect circle and garnished with crispy shallots (one of Jeremy’s most beloved things in the world – my mum literally gave him a giant bag as a present recently).

I particularly love scooping my nasi goreng into a prawn cracker and letting the texture combination make me swoon.

Best of all, when we went up to pay, it was under $30. Now that is what I call winning.

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