What a sweet and Sassy Cookie

The weather today is amazing. How we get away with 28 or so degree days as our winter I’ll never understand but I am not going to complain! How can I when it means Jeremy and I can take advantage of the sunshine and visit one of the cafes we’ve been wanting to try where the dining section is predominantly outdoors.

The Sassy Cookie in Vic Park is off the beaten track, situated in suburbia amongst houses and across from a well kept park. 

Since we’ve been outside of our northern suburb norm taking advantage of the start of Sunday trading at Booragoon, we decide that we might as well stay down this end of town to try something new for our afternoon snack (in lieu of lunch). 
We arrive to see happy diners soaking up the sun through leafy trees. After perusing the blackboard menu inside and the cabinet full of delicious looking treats, we settle on our orders. For Jeremy, it’s a vanilla milkshake ($4.50) and a mixed berry cheesecake ($4.50). For myself, it’s a strawberry milkshake and a passionfruit cheesecake. At the last minute I add on a couple macarons for us to finish up on (yes I know, I can be oh so greedy). 
As we head outside to sit, we spy friends Jay and Gemma are there too. They happily invite us to sit down with them and offer sips of the drink that brings them back time and time again. The Turkish Delight latte. Though Jeremy and I don’t usually drink coffee, we accept the offer and are smiling in appreciation and understanding. It’s delicious! Bright pink, it tastes like eating a Turkish Delight but with a finishing note of coffee as you swallow. I can definitely see the hype.
Not too long later, our food and drinks arrive. And though we’re chatting away, we aren’t able to resist very long before tucking in. 
The milkshakes are both creamy and cold; thick with texture and flavour. My strawberry one is like tasting my childhood and I’m enjoying the frothiness of the drink. Jeremy’s agreeing with me at how much he’s loving his.
We both swap bites of our cheesecakes. The mixed berry one sparkles with the juiciness of plump berries and sings at every point it hits my mouth. The texture is crumbly but stays together; the filling one that seems to have more ricotta than cream cheese, which I’m a huge fan of. It’s basically the same as my passionfruit one except for the fruit of choice. Mine is sour and sweet at the same time, and since it’s one of my favourite flavour palates, I’m pretty much in heaven.
As we finish our cheesecakes off, Jay and Gemma say their goodbyes since we caught them towards the end of their coffees. After we waved them off, I find myself now fully focussed on the macarons we selected.
The yellow one in the background is caramel with salty peanuts. It’s savoury and deliciously moorish. The texture of the meringue is light and has that great pop that a macaron should have – the shell shiny and crunchy. The caramel inside oozes out the side as I bite down my half before handing it over to Jeremy. 
The pink macaron is strawberry and pepper. It’s another surprising flavour combination and I can tell just by looking at it that it’s going to be great. And yes, my suspicions were correct. It doesn’t just look pretty, but the strawberry is sweet and tangy, and the pepper elevates the flavour profile. It’s a smart choice to have on their menu. 

The Sassy Cookie was really enjoyable. It was sweet and sugary and all things nice on a beautiful day. I’ll definitely be back – especially since I’ve heard they’re quite famous for their high teas. My mouth is salivating just at the thought!

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